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  • Cold and flu remedies.....

    I'm sick and I feel like a hot wreck. I know of one old remedy (nyquil ain't stoppin this) which is hard liquor, honey, lemon, and a piece of rock candy.... unfortunately I have none of them (insert a long line of explicatives here.) Anyways, what do you guys know of that could help knock me out so that I could sleep through most of this. I got a full weekend (including Friday) before I have to be back. Let the suggestions begin (cough hack wheeze)
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    I hate taking most meds cuz they make me feel sick to my stomach and dry out my sinuses so they hurt.

    I like steaming myself in the bathroom with the shower going on hot, or over a pan of hot water. Chicken noodle soup is PROVEN and tea, especially echineachea, chamomile, or some other herbal teas.

    For coughing (like I am now) the Special Treasures candies in the Amaretto variety are the ONLY thing that can calm my coughing fits.

    On thing I do use is Chloroseptic throat spray, Cherry throat drops, and Sucrets (if it's really bad). Mentholatum is good for your nose if it gets sore from tissues.

    Eating certain HOT STUFF is good to clear the sinuses. I had some homemade salsa from Texas that was HOT but edible and that kicked a bug out of my sinuses once. I wish I had some more.

    Using a vaporizor is important. Filling a sock with rice and microwaving it a couple minutes makes a good hot compress. I do that and put it on my throat, or on my sinuses to make them feel better.

    If you have a slight fever, don't try to quash it. That's your body trying to fight off germs. Of course if it gets really high - 104+, you need to get cooled off fast. A cool bath, and tylenol or something.

    If you get a headcold, take some zinc lozenges and it will keep it from turning into a full blown cold with cough. I should have bought some more!!!

    Good luck, and I hope you feel better!! is what it is...


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      Hot lemonade is pretty good too. Just dont get it too should be very warm, like its just ready to simmer but not boiling. Tastes and feels good going down.

      We have black cherry trees here, and use the inner bark of the root to make cough syrup with. You have to cut it with honey(and quite a bit of it) cuz it tastes nasty otherwise.

      Mullen or mullein leaves, dried, can be used to make tea for bronchitis(1 tsp to 1 cup water), or smoldered and the smoke inhaled if the chest is tight.

      My personal favorite is to drink a hot toddy while soaking in a very hot tub, put on my flannel "granny" gown, hop into bed and stay toasty under the covers, and sweat it out.


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        orange juice with honey helps - i did when i had a cold last week. take a serving every 4 hours or so. a serving is 6 oz with 1-2 tablespoons of honey. do that during the day. i like using essential oils of tea tree and lavender in a deifusser, helps clear you and helps clean the air in your place. also any of the citrus essential oils helps clear you.


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          COMMON COLD: Red raspberry tea, chaparral, rose hips, honey, garlic, golden seal, chamomile flowers, slippery elm bark, cayenne, peppermint, blessed thistle.

          FOR FIGHTING THE FLU: To ward off the flu at the first hint of symptoms, take echinacea, an herb with powerful antiviral and immunity-boosting effects. Echinacea is available in most health food stores in supplement form, as a tincture, and as a tea. Follow the dosage recommendations on the label of the product you choose. Echinacea works best over a short period of time. It isn't an effective immune strengthener when taken long term. It is suggested to limit usage of the herb for no more than a week.

          For your throat, slippery elm tea. You can find it in the tea section at the grocery store and if not there, then the organic foods area should have it. Kinda nasty but mix honey with it and it helps SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. And while you are there, you can buy one of those new Vapo Rub plug-ins. It's the same menthalatum stuff but you just plug it into an outlet like you would a hot oil air freshener... but if you can find one cheap... a hot air vaporizer hon is the most soothing thing for colds and flu. Put some of the vapo stuff in it or eucalyptus and it's even better. the sound is a good white noise to fall asleep by and the warm droplets in the air help you breath more comfortably.
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            chuck the plug in idea... I'm reading nothing but bad reviews on it.
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              Thanks yall. I really appreciate it. Huge hugs goin out to everyone of yas.

              BB mom takes vicks internally sometimes, use to gross me out but it works lol. u know I'm old school with vicks. Slap it right up in da nostrils.
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                If you treat a cold, it will only last 14 days, but if you ignore it
                it may drag on for two weeks.


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                  Green tea.....I swear it works. I usually get bronchitis twice a year (once in winter, once in summer.....who knows why in summer). But I drank green tea and took the green tea tablets when I didn't want to drink it, went a year and a half without having a single cold. Of course when I finally did get a cold....I had quit taking the green tea about three months before. IT WORKS! Plus it's great for you.

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                    You've gotten some great advice and from what I have tried from the list really works!

                    While you are waiting for all that to take effect there is one sure fire way to make you feel better. That's to sick your thumbs in your ears...... wiggle your fingers really fast while sticking your tounge out and yelling (while turning circles from clockwise to counterclockwise) OH BAH DO BAH DEE.....then OH BAH DO BAH DOO!!!!! After repeating this four times.... give out a big HOOP~LAH!!!!!!! Make sure you do this while in front of a mirror and have a camcorder on so you can send me a tape, that way even if you don't crack up seeing yourself I can at least have a good laugh.

                    Heyyyyy........... I'm not bein a smartazz....... haven't you heard........ laughter is the best medicine??????
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                      when i have a really bad sore throat, i but this stuff called Buckley's. it's the nastiest looking, nastiest tasting stuff i've ever tried. it's like oral vick's vaporub. it's really thick, so it coats your throat. you don't have to take it too much since it works.
                      i have a friend who cuts an onion in half and squeezes a few lemons in a small saucepan a third of the way filled with water and boils it. while it's on a low simmer, she leans over it to breathe in all the steam. supposed to be good for congestion.
                      i hardly ever get sick, but i usually load up on vitamin c through orange juice and cran juice. lots of chicken broth (i squeeze lemons and drop some tabasco and a few slices of red bermuda onion). i drink green tea with some real honey it and keep myself hydrated with lots of water. my doc (he's real cool, looks like gregory hines, but he's like dr. huxtable from the cosby show) says that you're supposed to drink an 8oz glass water for every hour you're awake when you're ill. you lose a lot fluids with fever and runny nose, etc.
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                        Ewww Buckleys is rugged goin down...but it does work my granma swore by time i get sick i will have to come back to this thread lol i suffered last week when i was sick...hope ur feelin better SO:o)


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                          Originally posted by *KaLiLsHa*
                          Ewww Buckleys is rugged goin down...but it does work my granma swore by time i get sick i will have to come back to this thread lol i suffered last week when i was sick...hope ur feelin better SO:o)
                          KAL...I'm just glad you got satan girl off your avy.


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                            Thanks yall. I'm sittin here with a cup of tea thinkin that ain't no way Buckleys can be worse than liquid Nyquil (da green kind). Stuff that tastes that bad should be illegal . Anyways, where can I get some?

                            I'm trying to up my fluid intake because my kidneys are starting to hurt.... all i've been sporadically drinking is OJ and tea..... Two days in bed.....with nothing to do (lmao stoppit)....... is driving me crazy. I tried watching tv yesterday afternoon when my eyes slammed shut.... didn't wake up until 2am.... got some juice... woke up today at noon. (this sucks)
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