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    My hubby got me intersted in this one show on CMT called Cowboy U... I really like the show and I think it's just cause I like more rustic living and animals..

    Anyhow watching it tonight I knoticed a new show they got coming out that goes along with Pimp My Ride called... Trick my Truck. They are customizing Semis for people and well.. at least the pilot show looks somewhat interesting cause the driver is doing it to promote awareness of the disease his child suffers from...

    But so now we have :
    Pimp My Ride and Trick my Truck...

    When are they gonna put out a show called:

    Restore my Rez Rocket?


    Resurrect my War Pony?
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    What station is it going to be on? You know my baby girl will want to see it!
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