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TAX season.........paying back, getting a return?

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  • TAX season.........paying back, getting a return?

    Another year goes by, tax season is here again. *sigh* I'm not too enthusiastic this year. So anyone have any tips on this coming year for a full time student. What can I claim? Any tricks to learn about filing? How about the child credit? I heard you can claim 3 out of 4, that's too bad for me, I can only claim one runt.

    So what's up people?
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    I think I'm going to break even this year and I guess I should be glad for my salary raise. But if I didn't have $5000 in tuition to claim, I'd be paying in.

    My girls are getting back $4000 plus, at least the two that worked.

    As a student you can claim a lot, but you might not get back much unless you had some wage income. You can take a Hope or Lifelong learning credit. Usually the Hope is better for the first two years of college, then the lifelong learning. But for me the tuition deduction was the way to go this year.

    I recommend for figuring your taxes. Last year they did an instant loan and I got my money the next day. I don't think that's offered this year. But you can go to their web site and figure your taxes for free. is what it is...


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      i agree with wyo_rose. you can either claim the hope or lifelong learning. and it has been written...aye...but you can claim the hope credit (tuition) for the first 2-3 year of school then after that it's lifelong learning. and lemme tell does make a difference! haha if you got grants or scholarships of any kind you have to deduct that from your total tuition though. i've never used but have heard it's good. there's also, which i use to prepare taxes for others (side job)'s a cheap site and i've been using it for years...LOL

      Ok.....well good luck & may it be raining the green on ya this year! haha


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        Uh, we're payin'. Owe for the first time. $75.00 only. Can't help you with your deductions other than what was already suggested. Good luck!
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          I do my taxes every year with for free. This year I got my taxes back in one week.
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