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Offensive Video Game should be banned......

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  • Offensive Video Game should be banned......

    From: FSA ENV [mailto:[email protected]]

    Subject: Fwd: Apache Killing Video Game

    If you could get this out to all the other tribal people it might help stop this sorry excuse for an X box game coming into our homes. Hopefully it may help end production.

    >>> Justin Giles 01/12/06 05:51PM >>>

    Have you all heard about this:

    GLOBAL BOYCOTT "Gun" video game for killing & scalping Apaches

    A racist game called "Gun." has been released by Activision , a San Monica, CA video gamepublisher for Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation , PS2 and PC,

    "Gun" features a frontiersman hero named Colton White. The earliest task the game player must complete is to slaughter Apache Indians. Not only

    slaughter-- but also scalp Apaches with a "scalping knife which can be purchased as part of the many weapons offered to the hero of the game, Colton White.

    Rated "M" for mature audiences, Gun is an outright endorsement of the genocide that continues to be perpetrated against Native Americans.

    If a similar game which advocated the killings of African Americans, Irish, Mexicans, or Jewish would there not be an outcry? Apparently, killing Indians is still fair game. Adding insult to injury, "The Hero" bemoans the fact that although he's killed so many Apaches, he is also letting so many get away?

    Believe it or not, Indian kids play Xbox, too.

    Activision scriptwriter Randall Jahnson) has just written a game that says killing all Apaches is the right thing to do and in the game you not only have to slaughter the Apache to advance in the game, but you can purchase a "scalping knife" to "scalp them all!"

    As if to make amends, "The Hero" switches sides later in the game and discovers a secret about his own indigenous heritage. This story twist DOES NOT make the preceding chapters any easier to accept. In fact, in the official guide to the game, it actually says that because "The Hero" rescues some Apaches held captive on a train, perhaps it cancels a karmic debt for his earlier actions. T

    This is completely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in 2006 society.

    The brutal slaying of America's indigenous people is historically happened. But so did slavery, lynching and the Holocaust and we don't .....

    See games glamorizing it!!!!

    The Association for American Indian Development is asking you to join us.

    BOYCOTT "Gun" the video game, as well as other games published by Activision. CALL, WRITE, or VISIT them at:

    Activision Incorporated

    3100 Ocean Park Blvd.

    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    (310) 255-2000

    Justin Bruce Giles

    Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Cultural Resources Center Community Services Department

    (301) 238-1496

    (301) 238-3200 Fax

    [email protected]

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