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  • Kool native jamz!!!

    I'd like for you all to hear some really kool songs a friend of mine wrote and produced. He is a struggleing artist from Ft. Peck. His name is Siouxperman. You click on the link........ then on the right click on music to hear. Then you chose lo fi for dial up and hi fi for dsl.

    My favorite song is called Here with u .

    So give a listen, tell me what ya think.

    He is going to be getting these available on line. He sold them in the past at powwows and other functions.
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    I guess for younger people it's good. Sounds very professional. Voice sounds almost like DMX. Does he do anything more traditional for us olders people? Where was it recorded? I work in a prison, I might take it in to see what the inmates think since their into hip hop. How do you download?
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      I hear that about the "olders"...

      I have to admit I kinda like a couple of em. I think it is more for the message he gives about being a proud native.

      He really is a good kid and is so polite.. he called me "mam" you just don't hear a younger person saying that much anymore.

      Right now the only download option on that site is for MP3. They are trying to work out where you have more options. Until then you could put a recorder between the speakers and record it that way.
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