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    There are several benefits to becoming a member of The United Cherokee
    Nation's tribal organization. Our members are close friends who have a
    common interest, and they hope to further the cause of uniting their
    brothers and sisters in all 50 states. They understand that this is the
    time of the "GATHERING." To join we need a completed application that
    has been notarized

    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    Are you freakin serious? wow.
    SHAKE IT!!!!


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      Originally posted by Singing Otter
      Are you freakin serious? wow.

      Just passin' information along for anyone with internet access. This is what's out there folks!

      I just wonder what other ethic groups, countries, cultures think about Indians because of websites like this???
      Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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        one of the members is here on sells stuff in the trading post...

        remember i think there was somethingin that cherokee thread about the cherokee of id...
        Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

        ~Flat Beat~


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          For $35 a shot, somebody's going to get rich. That's why we need sites like this one to get heard so others will learn who is real and who isn't.


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            That's horrible. LMAO, it's always with them cherokees ay? I never see any wanabe dine. LOL.
            I'm interested more in self determination than gender equity. In other words, changing white men for white woman in the structures of power, does nothing to transform the opression in my community.

            "You need to find yourself a girl, mate... Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you? [looks down]"
            -Captain Jack Sparrow


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              All the wannabe dine are writers of best selling books LOL
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                Originally posted by redthunder
                That's horrible. LMAO, it's always with them cherokees ay? I never see any wanabe dine. LOL.
                LOL redthunder come to st. louis there is one here sells crafts and sweats. he is not even registered with the navajo lol

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                He is a sundancer from the sundance nation , whatever that means??. and yes i asked several dine people and they don't know of any sundance nations.....(if anybody does know about the sundance nation please let me know)


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                  my ranting of the day ayeeee....

                  I dislaike NATIVE WANABE'S ......SUPER HOBBIEST ...of the native world.......these people are self righteous and give the native a bad name in the general population....

                  We have to be all mystical...whimsimcal...just plain out right not who we are...

                  and the general population has not a clue but by what these self righteous people are doing and saying.

                  ...I think its time, we as natives need to put a stop to these kinds of there some kind of spray for this??

                  It is okay to honor our heritage and even simulate what we do, but quit
                  e claiming your native heritage its not helping us out at all...

                  we are the ones that have to suffer what kind of road these people are laying down and this is not right in my book

                  If any other native feels this way lets see something I the only person then that feel this way...I really don't think so lol i hope not hahahahaha....
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