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  • Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
    lol hey i wanna move up to canada...since we're on the issue of immigration, is it true that in order to move up there, ur required to have 10 yrs in ur work field, come into the country with 10 g's and come with ur own healthcare??...a friend of mine has a son who jus moved up there...has it always been that way or has it recently changed due to 9/11 or people jus wanting to get out of the us??
    well not when my partner "landed" (sounds dumb lol) - we just filled out our paperwork, paid any necessary fees and we didnt get a lawyer at any time.

    and as for the healthcare we have national healthcare for everyone regardless where they came from, as long as they are legal and apply to the province where they live. the day my partner got "landed immigrant" status, he applied and was covered immediately. i'm not sure if this goes for ppl on visas though - maybe thats why her son needs his own healthcare ..

    things like doctor visits, x-rays, lab tests, some operations are covered and hosp stays in public rooms. as for prescriptions - some are covered by the plan, but most arent, but if you get health coverage at work (or pay for private coverage (bluecross)) the coverage is on more drugs.

    but he is required to not be on social assistance at any time according to his landed immigrant sponsorship agreement. i am considered his "sponsor" and have to kinda support him .. lol.

    as for that 10 year thing - i think that only goes for ppl like doctors, if i remember from the paperwork ... and ppl in more specialized fields like doctors and lawyers have to find occupations that dont take away from ppl in those same specialized fields FROM here. but they get alot of docs from places like africa to come here though ...

    and for the 10 grand - ppl who come in on visas or just for visits are required to have enough $$ to get home (a return plane ticket should suffice) but that 10 grand amount probably came from those signs at the border - "if you are carrying more than 10 grand on your person you have to declare it" ...
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    • Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
      i'm not sure if i understand ur comment about the flying of the american flag...are u sayin that immigrants shouldn't fly their own flags over the us flag?? or that the us flag should come 1st?? or should it be the only flag they fly??

      i don't know about anyone else but i'd fly my tribes flags before i fly an american one...n definitely not second to a us flag...even tho ur comment wuz directed to the immigrant population, i feel that everyone is entitled to feel proud of their heritage and if flying their respective flags is a way for them to do it than thats kewl...
      I would fly my own too. But what point I was getting at is they say their country is so bad that they want to make a better life in America. When they come here they fly their flag like this is their country.

      I also have respect for the American flag because we had OUR soldiers fighting in war as well to protect this land. Besides we are the real Americans LOL.

      Why I mentioned this is children at a school here in Colorado where being told not to wear the red white and blue because it would 'offend' other students. This is America, when kids of soldiers can't wear their country's flag because it "offends" others there's a problem. Fighting in the schools was the cause.
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      • you know what i hate is when people give you red dots but do not have the courage to sign their name, although sometimes it is easy to figure out who it is
        Originally posted by chazziff
        well sorry for sounding so hateful to you ... and what's with the big fonts? and you might want to do a spell check before you click submit ...

        you're right i dont know whats going on in their lives and i was just giving an example of an "legal immigration process" - sorry it only took us a couple of years and a few grand. tell them good luck ... and if she gets deported so be it. nothing we or they can do about it, except try again or choose to live together in mexico.

        and gee thanks for uninviting me ... think i'll go home and cry myself to sleep on my pillow, with my "free" nation wide healthcare, low national murder/crime rates and higher quality of living ... and i almost forgot "my" jay treaty


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