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  • little bird
    BEG, you are just tooo funny, I'd kile to meet you some day....
    OK, about this topic...there have been sooo many protests around here and if theres another one, I think I'm going to scream !! Not to mention how they're treating everyone that goes down to Mexico now for vacation!
    I have lived in California most of my life. What I think it's REALLY about is: The folks that come here, not just Mexican's k? Need to become citizens and participate in voting, keeping our laws, etc... and not just "grab" what they feel like from the working class tax payers here. It's hard enough to get a job now unless you speak both English & Spanish (around here) and the "Lesser job's" or jobs the polititians are sayin' that no one will fill except the Mexican's is just not true! I know lots of people who are long time citizens that would work them, but got pushed out by the non-english speaking folks by one way or "fed up" and gave up, and let them have the job! It's about the attitudes...some people think we "owe it to them". Mexico, pure and simple want this part of the country back. Period!! We got caught up, when a long time ago, made a trade agreement with them (way before alot of us were even born) on the understanding and in return, the Mexican's could immigrate here for a better life. Then when they closed the border's because they weren't becomming citizens and our health care was getting costly, all hell broke loose. OK...ummm....sooo now we reap what was sewed. The End

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  • **Brown Eyed Gurl**
    There was this person who was an immigrant that wrote to our local paper and was biitching about new immigrants that cant speak english...that they were in canada now learn to speak english....i grew up in a racist home..i choose to be nice to everyone...thats not a point..i dont really have a point im juss posting to poast as usual...anywayz if they want to live in canada so be it.

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  • windrider
    started a topic Immigration


    Just wondering where other NDNs stand on this immigration issue.....

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  • marichriaddi
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  • skaroreh
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