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Reverse immagration?

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  • wyo_rose
    I was watching a show where this guy was moving south of the border because of the cost of living. He sold his place and bought a house for like $7000.

    You know the pot heads could just move to Denver where you can have under an ounce in your possession. OR move to Alaska. I'm sure that's why some of my cousin's will never move from there! jokes no, cuzes!!

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  • Singing Otter
    uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. I think the population would decrease by 1/4. Sad but true.

    I mean seriously..... can you imagine legalized crack? More importantly the number of crackheads?!?! I can see people in line for the 5 o'clock Free Crack Giveaway (like Tyrone Biggums in the Chappelle Show)

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  • Annie Fawn
    Originally posted by chickendad
    If Mexico passes the new drug laws, will all the drugies make a run for the border. What is your take?
    It wouldn't bother me if they did, but I doubt they would stay there since the Mexican Goverment is VERY HARD CORE when it comes to immagration unlike ours.

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  • chickendad
    started a topic Reverse immagration?

    Reverse immagration?

    If Mexico passes the new drug laws, will all the drugies make a run for the border. What is your take?

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