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  • Grace like rain

    I went to a Shabbot service tonight, I rode my Harley Davidson motorcycle. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Still I wanted to ride my motorcycle and so I did. The weather was fine on the way there even though I was about 15 minutes late because of a coal train crossing the road. I had an interesting conversation with a man in a firebird while waiting for the train to go by. I didn't bring any rain gear. The Shabbot service was a good one as always, as the rabbi brought forth the message you could hear the thunder rolling on and on and the rain comming down just as the weather forecast had predicted. All while the thunder was rolling I was having second thoughts about the decision I had made on riding the motorcycle, but it was too late. Near the end of the service it sounded like the storm had subsided and I was feeling a sence of relief. Now my only thought was how I was going to keep my Bible from getting wet. As I was sitting there A brother offered me a ride, he had his truck with a trailer and motorcycle on it with room for one more. What a Blessing !! I smiled and walked outside and the rain had completely stopped the parking lot was very wet too say the least. I thanked the brother and told him that I would not need a ride after all, then he pulled out a rain coat and pants and offered them to me and I accepted. I tucked the Bible down the front of my coat and had a dry ride home. Thank you God and thank you brother in Christ The Messiah.
    Count Your Many Blessings.
    Care to share?

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    Dude are you like a jew for jesus? I heard of dem.

    I think it's kewl when good shyt like dat happens. Like the creator sends who you need at da time. I was on a powwow trip one time and was gettin gas late nite. I din't know ya had to pay cash. thought I could use the card. I was stuck then dis doot came and said he'd pay. Wouldn't give me his name or addy juss told me to help someone out sometime. Never forgot it and I have helped out too.
    Have ichabu.. will travel!

    The original TiPi CrEePeR...


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      tipicreper, sounds like you have an angel looking out for you, you have been blessed. And no I am not A Jew , I have Seneca ( Iroquois ) and English blood.


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