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    started a topic From the outside looking in.

    From the outside looking in.

    Life before the Europeans. From an Iroquois perspective, The Chief must be someone who does the most for his people while doing the least for himself, must have great wisdom,must be a fierce warrior, a great provider and a great leader. He must be chosen by the eldest Clan mothers and if he doesn't live up to the standards or he can be taken out of power by those who installed him.
    Everyone has their own duties, the women: the eldest in the longhouse is the clan mother; the longhouse is under her control, and the rest of the women that are able planted and maintained the gardens, cut the meat up, cooked, made clothing, helped build the longhouses, etc. The men: clear the ground for the gardens, plowed the ground , went hunting and fishing to provide food and clothing, fought in wars. Every mans goal was to be the chief. What a life. WOW
    Then tradigty struck the Europeans came over on a boat. The Europeans tought the Natives to be selfish, lazy, poisoned them with plagues, alcohol, and lies. What a shame !They destroyed a Culture That Jesus Himself was trying to spread. The awfull word that the Europeans were using to describe the beautifull Native Americans was SAVAGE meaning uncivilized, If civilized is being up to date with technology yes technology has its place but the technology came at a terrible cost. Then mabey savage is not so bad a name after all. Anyone care to express themselves?

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