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    I realize there are nonIndians who have been "Indian adopted."

    There are also plenty of Indians who have been adopted and are searching for information about their tribes and families.

    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    Nope. Ain't nobody wanted me!
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      I was an Indian that was adopted.. I came back home about 20 years ago to my people the place of my birth there was always something driving me back home and since then i have learned So much about myself and my family and my culture. Im glad I was able to find my way back. Growing up adopted wasnt easy I had other adopted brothers and sisters and my adopted parents didnt have a clue, think they felt as tho all Natives were the same there was NO difference, instead I was given a bad impression about native people i remeber being afraid of them for a long time, but at the same time remembering inside of me a time when i was Home and it was Those memories that drove me to search for my own roots. The government finally let back home after I had emancipated myself from My adopted family at the age of 13. The startling thing that i had found out about My biological family was that.. I wasnt an only child but a child of 13 children and i being the youngest that was shocking to find out. I eventually met most of my siblings all excpet one the full sister I have somewhere who from what i understand is on her own search but unfortunately to this date we keep missing each other. its been a good journey and im So glad that i was able to make it back home because I have become So very proud of my native heritage and my ancestors and all that My culture has to offer me. I have talked with other Native adoptees.. and Most would tell you the same that somewhere inside there was a driving force to bring them back to thier people they couldnt explain just as I couldnt all we knew is we had to get back. I know theres alot of Natives out there that struggle with identity for this very reason, being taken out of thier homes and put in another never to learn about who they really are or given a false sense of what Native people are like so they themselves become shameful and would rather hide that they are Native and continue life, so i dont think its right that people judge and get upset that there are Some Natives out there that are lost and going through this and dont know how to discover where they came from, I dont think it is becasue they Dont want to.. i really think it is becasue they werent taught anything dont know anything and are afraid to maybe find out. An adoptee can face alot of ridicule for something that wasnt thier fault.. Like people sayin that they feel sorry for you because of it.. or that you no longer belong if ever becasue you have lived in a white mans world for so long going to school knowing your native and knowing you grew up white and tryin to fit into both worlds. Its not an easy journey i have been there and i commend ALL people that have gone through this and pray for those that are lost and hope they too find thier way back home.

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        Angel Feather,

        Thank you for sharing these heart felt words. I know you were sharing a part of your very being!

        In my travels I constantly run into Indians who have been adopted, and are "searching."

        All I can do is be good to them, listen to their stories and offer advice when I can.

        I have often wondered what it would be like?

        When I get these thoughts, I thank the Creator for who I am.
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        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          I know several indians that were adopted out.. and one is from my own people. She and I are good friends now. In fact I've met enough that we started our own indian adoption forum at my forum. Just so those having the experience can talk with each other about it. We even have a mom who's adopted native brothers.
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            Angel Feather

            Angel Feather,
            What a great response! Thanks for sharing those words. I think sometimes people get suspicious of others who are "searching", and yours is a case in point of the validity of those searchers. I think we should keep an open mind and try to be helpful to those folks, and hearing your story helps me do that.... Thanks...Numunu

            Also, I have a friend who is white, who was "indian adopted" as WhoMe says. He attends our Comanche gatherings, participates, contributes. He is a good man, and has taught me alot about tolerance of others. He has even been learning our language, and I consider him a part of our tribe. He is respectful and appreciative.

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              ***BIG HUGZ, AF**** Thanks for sharing!

              My older brother is adopted and I'm sure he's still feeling like something's missing. He grew up off the rez, but luckily was able to keep in touch with his sister. My mom was very non-traditional for YEARS and my brother still doesn't connect with the native community here. He's a lost soul, but so set in his ways at 51 that I don't think he'll change. I just hope that someday he'll find peace.

              On another note, my cousin is looking for a baby she gave up when she was 17. She's been looking for years with no luck.

              My bfren has an older brother who was adopted out and is wondering if they'll ever meet. If anyone knows of a late 30's full blooded adoped San Carlos Apache guy who's looking for his family, shoot me a PM.
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