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Favorite Going to or coming back from a Pow Wow Story

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  • Favorite Going to or coming back from a Pow Wow Story

    So what is your funniest going to or coming home from a pow wow story.

    Here's a good one. I was going to a pow wow in Hopkinsville, KY with my brother, we loaded ourselves and our stuff into my little Chevy Cavalier and took off. Along the way we passed a place called Big Bone Lick State Park (seriously) this was good for about an hour worth of jokes, etc. and we decided to make it our personal mission to find out how the place got it's name.

    Further down the road we ran across the PeeWee Valley Women's Penal Facility... We had a field day with that one too.

    Pretty shortly after that, we had to stop for Gas and I pumped the gas and went inside to get some coffee... I NEEDED it!! and my brother proceeds to start asking the woman at the calendar some questions....

    So why do they call a Women's prison... a penal facility! I was rolling... the girl then grinned to show us her tooth, and said, "you know what... that's a good question," and then called out the window to her friend, "hey colonel, come in here," this guy came in, and you knew he was the colonel from the big belt buckle that said "COLONEL" on it... I'm just like, man we're in Kentucky and here comes Colonel Sanders!
    They then proceeded to tell us the story of a paint crew that had gone into the Women's facility, which was followed by about 15-20 kids born 9 months later.... seemed like as good an explaination as any for why PeeWee Valley was home to a Penal Facility... LOL

    I am sad however to tell you that try as we did, we did not find out where Big Bone Lick got its name (ironically enough they held a pow wow there a few years later!) but it was truly one of the funniest trips I've ever been on!

    Feel free to share your stories, laughter is a good thing!

    I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!

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    ok not sure if this is funny or just odd...either way its a good memory I share with my sister.

    We were on our way back home to Washington from a pow-wow in Wyoming. The weekend had been fun but alas no snagging to be done. On I-90 west just outside of some town in Montana, me and my sister decided it would be a good time to take a break and so we pulled into a rest area to stretch and other stuff.
    As we pulled in we had the stereo jamming the newest Blacklodge cd and we happened to notice that their were some ndn men standing on the sidewalk of the rest area. Well being the ever opportune single ndn girls that we were, we cranked the stereo even louder...and made a quick check in any available mirror to be sure we didn't look to travel worn.
    Getting out of the car I realize that all three men were a little old for me being as I was only in my extremely early twenties...(ok ok was only 19). Well anyways, we started up a conversation with them and realized that they were also heading for Washington and had traveled by car all the way from Red Lake, Minn. because the father had to be at American Lake for PTSD treatment as veteran.
    Well my sister took an immediate shine to one of the three Ojib men and was carrying on a conversation with him while availed myself of the facilities. Upon my return she gives me the look that says that she really likes this guy. So being the good sister that I am, I help her out as best I could to try and land this guy. Well numbers and what not were exchanged and we decided it was still a long drive so we should be heading on down the road.
    As we pull out my sister looks in the rearview mirror and notices that they have pulled out right behind us and were looking to try to keep up with us. So there we are on I-90 playing snag tag with the three guys we had just tried to pick up at a rest area. Along the way we had begun using notepads to write messages and hold them up in the window as one would pass the other. They followed us all the way to Spokane and caught up with us in a gas station we stopped at before my sister took me back home. Conversation led to them asking us where the nearest casino was on their way to American Lake and being the good tribal member that I am I told them about my tribes casino which was only a little bit out of their way.
    Anyway we followed them to the casino and ended up setting up camp at the campgrounds just down the road from them...cause no way was i bringing them home to meet mom and have to explain how we met....wasn't going to have a newly tanned behind no matter how old I was at the time. Anyway, we camped and snagged and had our own pow-wow there by the river. They left in the morning and we went on our own way.
    Two days later we get phone calls from them saying that they were in Spokane and wondered if they could see us again. Instinct said to say NO but wanting to snag said Sure why not? Well anyways, needless to say it took us a year to get rid of them and we had to talk fast in order to keep them from uprooting their lives and moving to Washington to try and perma-snag us. To this day my sister and I refuse to speak one of their names because it was a weird coincidence that everytime we did she would get a call from him two days later.
    Unfortunately for me my sister wound up with a really good blackmail picture of me sporting a really ugly ruby necklace (hickies) and has threatened to use it anytime she thinks I get out of line. Thats alright though...I got the goods on her too so we are even.

    Anyways thats my coming home from a pow-wow and shoulda known better story.
    Please learn from my mistakes and areas are not snagging grounds.
    Abs of Frybread and Buns of Commodity Cheese


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      ok here is my story about the long trip home after a powwow.
      After a pow-wow in South Dakota. We waited for our drum pay and had to go find to feed my boys before the trip home. we left pretty late. we drove home in 3 seperate vehicles. i was leading the caravan driving my dodge truck. my brother was siting shotgunn with 2 singers sleeping in the back seats.
      anyway my brother and i was taking and he was keeping me up. after about 4hours of driving in the middle of the night.
      I started to see rabbits running across the road. my brother starting getting tired so he just sat there listened to powwow tunes.
      soon i seen this huge rabbit sitting off on the shoulder of the road. then a few miles later i seen a bigger rabbit sitting on side of the road.then a few more miles i seen another rabbit, but bigger than the previous ones. ok i was starting to freak out here but didnt say anything to my brother, knowing him he would think i'm crazy.
      so i lit a cig and drank more coffee and kept driving saying nothing.
      then i see the figure in my head lights. i seen the reflection from my head lights shine off the animal. and it was huge. i mean huge.
      i finally said something to my brother. if that is a rabbit i'm pulling ovcer and getting some sleep because that is one huge rabbit.
      my brother said the same thing.
      then we drove up on it and passed it. it was a coyote eating some road kill.
      we both starte laughing at each other thinking that fatigue was setting in and thought we was feaking out and seeing things. the boys in back woke up and asked why we was laughing.

      that was one of the funny stories from the pow-wow dialogues.
      stories from the POW-WOW ZONE.

      ...GoT GreaSe?...



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        Man hate when that fatigue sets in... I always see deer when I get really tired. Maybe that's why they put them warning signs on the side of the road... but what I don't understand is why they warn you about the black ones, the brown ones are the ones you really gotta watch out for!!! LOL

        I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!


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