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    This may be something already brought up and I may have missed it. But what are your opinions on the movie The New World. I thought it sucked. It made the Natives really look stupid in their actions. It made them out to be thieves. I thought I was looking at Ferenghies(possible spelling) from Star Trak. The music didn't have any Native themes in them. Really disappointed.

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    I thought it was lame too - very artsy cinematography - but not a whole lot of plot to it. Colin Ferrell was actually good and that new girl is stunning. Not at the top of my list of good NDN movies.


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      nah i didnt think it was that good either.. i fell asleep during it.. lol..

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        well... did anybody yell at the screen indians to stop frickin dancing all the time?! haha anyway, it seems like the indians never did any real labor, while the white guys were always drenched in sweat. i did like the idea of an easy life, and the utopian ideal. but as my friend said, "what, indians dont get cold in the winter?!" haha. yeah, and the movie didnt have enough dialogue to keep the audience engaged. it seems as tho the film makers wanted to leave the viewer wanting to know more about the whole story. i found myself confused and utterly, as sad as it may seem, apathetic about the whole thing. oh well, i paid, and i cant get those two and some odd hours back, or the eight dollars to get in. darn, but who can you cry to?!


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