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A Mature Bald Eagle

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  • White Eagle
    Wow, that's WONDERFUL Bald Eagle!!!

    Yep, a Bald Eagle is blessing!

    That's good to live around you.

    I haven't seen Bald Eagles in the wild for a long time....

    There's no Bald Eagles in the south U.S.....

    I'll see them in the north when I take a trip someday.

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    started a topic A Mature Bald Eagle

    A Mature Bald Eagle

    Last week I was working in a neighborhood about 10 miles from home. The neighborhood is located on a peninsula in

    The property I was working on is owned by a retired couple,
    that have native american blood lines, Iroquois to be exact.

    I was finishing up putting the equipment on the trailer, closing the gate....

    I looked over to the left, about 20 yards away, a Bald eagle
    swooped down and snagged a snake out of the grass.

    I have never been that close to a wild bald eagle.

    What a Majestic Bird..... What a Blessing!!!!!

    The Creator gave me an everlasting blessing all within a
    30 second time frame.

    Who am I that You are mindfull of me. Thank You, God.

    That's not the first time I had a close encounter with a bird
    on that property.

    Last September's encounter was a little more unusual, Only this time it was an osprey.

    The osprey was standing on the concrete drive way about
    5 feet from the garage door.

    My first thought was that the osprey was injured, so I walked up to within 10 feet of it before it flew across the street and into the neighbors drive way. And it just stood there looking back at me for about 5 minutes before flying away.

    I was a little baffold, to this day I still ponder the encounter.

    Serching for the meaning or reason.

    One day I think that the Creator will reveal it to me, in His time.

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