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  • Favorite NDN authors.....

    Who are your favorite native authors?
    I really like Susan Power (The Grass Dancer) and anything by Linda Hogan.
    "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible"
    "You cannot give the people who have wronged you so much power that they take away your dreams"

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    Sherman Alexie
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      Debra Earling, Rayna Green and Louise Erdrich


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        Scott Momaday
        Oklahoma Proud!!!


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          Robert J. Conley


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            Robert J. Conley and Debra Earling I have not heard of but I will deffinitely check them out! Does anyone like Leslie Marmon Silko? There are a couple of anthologies I really have enjoyed also "Talking Leaves" and "The Colour of Resistance".
            "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible"
            "You cannot give the people who have wronged you so much power that they take away your dreams"


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              Elizaebth Cook-Lynn,
              Laura Tohe,
              Susan Powers,
              Leslie Silko,
              Louis Owens,
              Betty Bell,
              Anna Lee Walters,
              Luci Tapahonso,
              James Welch,
              Paula Gunn Allen,
              Virginia Diving Hawk-Sneve,
              Hanay Geiogamah,
              Sherman Alexie,
              Janet Armstrong,
              Janet Cambell Hale


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                Sherman Alexie of course...
                Ella Cara Deloria
                Vine Deloria Jr.


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                  Sherman Alexie, he makes me think.

                  Anne M. Dunn has done a wonderful collection of stories, both the old legends and her own experiences.

                  Winona LaDuke, well I have not read her's yet, need to get back to the rez and buy some more stuff, lol.

                  I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.


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                    I like Sherman Alexie but I also like Eden Robinson. I have a cousin who is an author but he is just starting to get known. Kevin Paul


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                      good ole Junior! (Sherman) hope to see his mom and his sisters this week, he don't come over from Seattle very much.

                      I also love Vine Deloria Jr.'s stuff... gonna miss him!

                      There's also a horror writer that's won the Bram Stoker's prize that uses the name Owl Going Back... my wife and I wondered, but the way he wrote we can believe he is... was a book called Evil Whispers... VERY good... I don't think my wife slept for a week! LOL... haven't seen anything else from him though.

                      I liked Louis Erdrich's stuff I've read.

                      Just my 49 cents worth!

                      I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!


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                        Sherman Alexie and Homalosa (talk about talented...that woman's got skillz) Why? Because they write awesome stuff. Anything that paints pictures so vivid I feel like I'm there, makes me care about the characters, AND makes me THINK at the same time? Got dang! That's a lil bit of literary heaven.

                        Dang Redshield! LOL I wanna read that now!
                        SHAKE IT!!!!


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