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    Hey dudes, Who do you think is the most controversial posters. What is considered controversial. Being a wiseguy/smartass. Being obnoxious or making bizarre replies in the threads. What made me think of this was they way people attacked somebody in the lost regalia thread. Most of the time, I let things go. The only time I really went out of my way to call somebody was when they were being a bully towards a young person. Other than that I believe people have the right to express themselves. If I don't particularly care for a person, I just never respond to anything they say. I don't try to get in their face and argue with them on here cause that just looks stupid. What everybody think.

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    Man, there was this one guy who was calling all the ladies DUDES and really getting everyone upset. Geez, all kinds of controversy there!!

    jokes is what it is...


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      Hmmmm Blackfoot honey was always a firestorm.....and that guy Johnny Redstar..was always good for WW3.....but they did at least add some drama in break up the the routine though...


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        Geez, really! The controversial posts are what get the most reads! is what it is...


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          Originally posted by wyo_rose
          Man, there was this one guy who was calling all the ladies DUDES and really getting everyone upset. Geez, all kinds of controversy there!!

          Really, last time I examined myself, I was definately NOT a DUDE, enit.........Azzeee.


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            I'm kinda like you BM. I try to overlook the rude posters. And just not reply to them anymore. or ignore their b.s.

            But every now and then, I get FIRED UP!

            But even then, I usually try not type off the top of my head. Sometimes I will try type a reply 3 or 4 times.


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              Wow.......I just read that whole thread. Welcome to Public Forum, I guess.

              I may be a smart @$$, instigator at times but jokes is jokes. And I know that it's hard to project sarcasm and humor in writing, but verbal, I mean written attacks aren't kewl. Fightin words are fightin words, and in my neighborhood, if you say it you mean it, and don't say it unless it is to someones face, in person where they have the opportunity to kick your @$$ around in the gravel!!

              ...that's so, so true...


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                Originally posted by wyo_rose
                Man, there was this one guy who was calling all the ladies DUDES and really getting everyone upset. Geez, all kinds of controversy there!!

                Ennit! *L* Too funny

                Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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                  Seems to me there was this Candae chicka that was controversial awhile back!!

         is what it is...


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                    ME????? I have no idea what you're talking about

                    *L* I've just not felt very controversial lately. Whayyyyyy

                    Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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             is what it is...


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                        I think we all need to let of a little steam once in a while.
                        Just don't get me started.


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                          well......being a smartass is better than being a dumbass!!! hahahaha............

                          Me, personally I never take anything that is said online, regards to the fightin n bickering, to heart. Its all words and you never know it could be someone's alter ego having words with another persons alter ego just to start something thats not even worth it, I have seen it....... yes, the same person having a all out session with themselves! SYBIL!!!! ayeeeees.

                          Only thing I can absolutely believe is ...... in reality itself. Just like Tanees saying he looks like Michael Spears!! haahhaaa..... nah, kidding. But shoot, humor is the best medicine and I love to laugh or tease, especially givin Tanees a hard time...hee hee. But we both know thats all it and teasin.... we won't really mud wrestle...unless he wants too........ayeeeeee. And yeah, we know eachother in real life but its all respect. And its the same for anyone who I know in real life on here....all respect.
                          You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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                            im actually quite surprized no one has mentioned me yet. although i don't consider myself controversial, others probably do.
                            I'm interested more in self determination than gender equity. In other words, changing white men for white woman in the structures of power, does nothing to transform the opression in my community.

                            "You need to find yourself a girl, mate... Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you? [looks down]"
                            -Captain Jack Sparrow


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                              When one person signs up for 3-5 user names and then picks arguments with themselves, that's almost funny. But when they try the illusion of ganging up on someone else that way, they just become a pain.
                              "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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