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My yearly Thanksgiving......

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  • My yearly Thanksgiving......

    Those of you that have been around for awhile know that every year around this time I give thanks for being clean and sober. It will be 23 yrs on the 24th and I just want to put some positivity out there for a change.

    Also, what most of you don't know is, this year I have more of a reason to give thanks too. This past March I had surgery. I had over a 10 inch ovarian mass.. yes it was malignant. Thru the guided hands of my surgeons they were able to get it all and I'm considered 1A now. (healed) My CA125 (blood test) before surgery was 89 and my last one was 6 (normal is around 32)

    The only reason I brought this up was thru it all..... I had some heavy duty pain meds. I was so afraid of getting addicted. Even though it's been 23 yrs that fear does not leave me. For me I don't have to think about it 24/7 like I may have at first but that thought never really does leave.

    It's been my experience that I could not have done this alone. It took many prayers of my own and others and a loving creator.

    What is it your thankful for this year?
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    Congrats on the 23 years woman!!!!!! *Hugz*

    I am sooo thankful for my Mom, and my uncle and my husband. In no particular order. They are so supportive of me and what I do and I love them so much!!! I am also thankful for my friends who have been there to listen to me whine, vent, bytch, and pretty much talk about NOTHING sometimes. *L*

    And I'm thankful for my doggies who are too much sometimes but so much fun to have around!!!!!

    And I'm thankful that MY FOOTBALL TEAM is good. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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      I am thankful for my kids, mom, sister, and best friends. I am also very thankful for my job because I am able to support my little family without struggling too much. It can be hard to survive sometimes so I am also thankful for every day that I am alive and healthy.
      We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.


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        Thankful for Michees....

        Umba Wahiumba Ta No Wah.....

        Impabin Wiya....
        "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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          celebrating with you

          oh yah, I am thankfull for God, that He is so loving and cares for each and every one of us, reguardless of the circumstances.

          And I am thankfull for the family God blesses us all with.....

          and dogs and the list goes on......

          and on.....


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            I'm thankful for family, friends, health (such as it is these days...age you know), a nice place to live, food to eat, the beautiful earth (in most places), romantic moments with hubby, all living creatures...ect...
            "Riches from the heart can not be stolen."


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              Congrats on your anniversary! That is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud. Also congrats on your cancer recovery. Prayer is a powerful thing!

              I am thankful for all the riches in my life - love, family, friends and health of the ones that I care for most. We celebrate of 12 year wedding anniversary during the Thanksgiving holiday, so I am thankful for my wonderful husband - a true friend and greater husband, my health and his as well. I am thankful for my children, both born to me and through adoption, my grandchildren, my husband's children and grands. I am blessed to be a part of three families through adoptions and for those relationships. We have a wonderful circle of friends and family.


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                Congrats Mato, on both victories. My dad has been sober 23 yrs too, and my mom has been sober for 15 yrs. I'm very thankful for that.

                I remember when they weren't, and it had a profound effect on me as a child and teen. I dont drink or do drugs, as I never wanted to have those things in control of me, and I never wanted to hurt or fail my kids. I guess I was always very aware that I was very close to that slippery slope, and it made me afraid enough that I shied away from the stuff.

                So I'm thankful for every recovering addict, praying for everyone still abusing a/d's, and looking forward to a someday when we're all healthier people, inside and out.

                This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to Creator for each and every day, for every breath and heartbeat, for every blessing and hardship, for every person who's ever crossed my path, for my kids and grandson, for my husband(and bless him for putting up with me!), for all my friends and family. Even when things arent going well, life is still good.

                I'm thankful for all you powwow nuts and rez dogs too. Thanks for all the laughs, the say-what?'s, and the hmmmm's. Makes life a bit more interesting.

                Special thanks to our veterans and men and women serving in the Armed Forces this Thanksgiving. Y'all do us proud. Wish y'all were home with us, and you're always in our prayers.


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