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    Originally posted by LISA IRONMAKER
    hola!! see what chu done sure and say a prayer for me.

    ~~~ Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up. ~~~


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      Wow, what started as a totally loaded question actually turned into something worth reading. This was a lot of fun, thanks guys!
      (I would add my own two cents, but I just got home from work and did some more work-like things when I got home, so I'm all burnt out)
      ~Like a true ninja, you'll never see me working~


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        Originally posted by Ndnsoldierboy
        powwows...I'm NOT a Christian, never have have been nor DO I want to be one.... And they call us respect for other peoples beliefs...let me burn in the white mans hell....

        I imagine Chief Joseph's Father is there cause he tore up the Bible cause of white folks screwing my tribe over...I'll be with him soon enough.

        Preach it brotheren:)...I feel this bro,,,phuck them white man churches.And,go back to europe.these invaders of the americas has flipped this earth upside down.all these europeans are good for is killing other civilizations.


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