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Allergies, how to you deal???

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  • Allergies, how to you deal???

    Ugh, suffering over here and those 'bennie's aren't working worth a darn. Any of you have any good Allergy tips? The wind is blowing hard so all the dust, dirt, pollen is everywhere!
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    Try snorkling?
    Something exists.


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      I'm allergic to dust. My doctor reccommended washing out my nose with saline solution a couple of times a day. You can buy them in the store with the spout. It helps.


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        Prescription Allegra 180 (not Allegra D and not OTC - the D stuff makes my hair feel like it is crawling off my head) - once a day except on bad days and then it's once every 12 hours.

        In -real- dusty situations (like a s-w dust storm) I have one of those air mask filter things that painters wear to avoid breathing paint fumes.


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          I have just started using Zicam cold remedy, and will use the allergy relief Zicam if it works as good on allergies as it does on cold symptoms..


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            I stay away from penicilin

            I am alergic to bug bites mosquitoes bee stings
            Had to have shots for years

            I am very careful not to piss off bees and wasps and have been lucky fopr years


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              Make sure you wash your sheets in hot water and try to wash your bedspread/comforter every 1-2 weeks with hot water. Keep all windows closed - don't even put the windows in your vehicle down. Don't have carpet in your bedroom, damp mop the floor every week. The saline wash is great! My allergist had me start using it about 6 weeks ago. Plus you can get saline in the bottle to use throughout the day. The best is the aerosol - it is called Simply Saline. That doesn't run down your throat like the regular bottled one. But be sure to get that saline wash - you do it with warm water, if you are having a bad attack you can use 2-3 packages of the wash at once.

              Hope this helps!
              Becky B.


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                I take Allegra 180 but that doesn't always stop my eyes from itching. I'm allergic to dust, pollen, and cats (it's gotten worse over the years) When my eyes itch I go get some eyedrops called Opcon-A. They're over the counter and they sting a bit when you put em in, but they stop the itching and watering.

                The saline solution sounds grand, especially since my nasal passages are almost always messed up.
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                  my b/f uses one of those Honeywell Hepa Air cleaner doohickeys...loud when its running but it in the bedroom and one in the livingroom..he is allergic to spring/summer not really... just the grass durrin


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                    Both my husband and daughter suffer year-round from different allergies. They both are on Loratidine 10mg. She also has asthma, and they both suffer from eczema. Believe me my medicine cabinet is full and ever-changing. This has been many moons for my husband, 20 years or so. The best thing to do is just to stay positive, try and stick with what works and accept that this is who you are; a person that is sensitive to the environment...WW


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