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  • Just in case you want to know how to..........

    I was, and am still, looking for info on food vending tips, that is, food regulations, etc., at pow wows.

    we are considering having a "healthy for you" (low sodium, low sugar, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and palate, cheap, no, inexpensive!...........) food booth at a pow wow, but would like it to be fully compliant, tasty,and better than I checked on this website, hey, it tells me how to put on a pow wow, gee thats an ambitious venture too................................
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    I was looking for the food tips, but that's a good site for How to Host a Powwow 101. My daughter and her ndn club are postponing their college powwow until next year cuz none of them have done it before. They should have checked out that site!

    Anyway, we're probably going to have some food stands this summer at powwows and fairs.

    The main things are keep hot things hot, cold things cold, and have ways to wash and disinfect.

    I always try to have 'good for you' items. If you get a good deal on fruit, that's always popular. My mom and I sold fruit kabobs, and sliced watermelon and it always sells quick.

    I'm getting away from the inexpensive and plan to offer better quality stuff for a little more dinero. And if you have good food for the cheapest prices, you'll have long lines and never catch up.

    Combo plates are big sellers. Last year my Chinese combo was a big hit - sold out in a couple hours. I think I'll have a Mexican combo plate this year and maybe a pork chop plate. I'm also going to bump it up to three soups this year: homemade chili, green chili, and stew - beef or elk - whatever I can get.

    Look for deals on your meat ahead of time. Every once in awhile we get the 99cent/pound specials, and I plan to stock up at that time and put it in the freezer. Sam's club has been a life-saver. Even though my 'local' Sam's is almost 200 miles away, I make a special trip for shredded lettuce, cheese, styro containers, utensils, and other essentials.

    Do as much as you can ahead of time - cutting meat, frying and freezing hamburger for chili or ndn tacos. I always make my salsa cuz it's cheaper, and do that a couple days ahead.

    But GOOD LUCK! It's a lot of backbreaking work, but worth it (most times) when it's all over with. is what it is...


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      Number one tip as a consumer - be clean - stall and staff need to look clean (hair tied back/don't touch your face or hair or have a smoke and then serve without washing your hands!) and throughout the day keep things clean!

      I saw a "stall" at a pow-wow once with 2 greasy looking hairy men selling something stewlike - could have been the best thing I would ever eat but because of the unkemptness of the sellers - I passed on the chow.


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        Thanks Wyo Rose...........

        we used to live in Wind River when I ws a teenager, we had cars back then................
        I LOVE those hot springs! and an ice cold Dr.Pepper, driving to Thermopolis, and that canyon! awesome.....................

        I'm still checkin out web sites about food, I found one on health regualtions and alot on food vending equipment

        we're thinking soups, frybread, which is the worst but the best selling (we might make NDN McNuggets! out of biddy frybreads..............................), fruits (good suggestion), veggies? we need excellnet refrigeration, i think............... mostly some good soups, my baby sister in edmonton (canada) said NECKBONES,a nuk....................... and then
        throw out the meat if it sits more than too long! donate it to some elders (before its spoiled) ? or fill up the MC...............

        Iced drinks?

        hubby wants to do 24 hour Breakfast! but we'll need at least one person GLUED to the stove to keep the breakfast going........(we'll see about the 24 hour brekky).............ever wake up at 3 at a pow wow? wa waaaaaaaaaa

        i want it kept clean, lots of grabage cans, a cash system that works, keep "feeding the relations and frends" to a minimum

        how about a guest sign book,that we tack and duct tape down so no one walks off with it? or one of those chalk boards (you see in airport bathrooms) that let people write messages, just erase the bad stuff........

        and yes, hair nets? who gonna wear a tied back, and a running sink would be nice, to wash, disinfectants and spray bottles to keep the tables clean, and good noticeable indianlooking signage,we'll put something in our langauge on the signs.............

        thanks Wyo Rose! back to my beading...........I'll post some pictures of my just finsihed mocs, i still need to finish the other side, I think my nephew will like them! now I need another order...................
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