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Unethical injunuity?

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  • Unethical injunuity?

    Boozhoo niji,

    I just wanted to see what everyone thought about this one. This happened to me right before a pow wow started, and it steamed me so bad I almost left. I am not mentioning any names, nor the name of the pow wow, I dont want any hard feelings with the people involved, the target of this thread is the issue, not the people, nor the pow wow. Once my temper eased off, I did have FUN at this pow wow.

    This particular powwow has a problem, almost nil camping space. I went last year, and was lucky enough to find a spot to squeeze my little pop up camper and car in, and last year I had enough fun that I wanted to come back this year. When I arrived, all the space for camping had been taken up by large trailers. I ended up parking in the middle of the street and trying to find someone to talk to about camp. I was walking back to my car talking to the pow wow coordinator. She was saying that I was just going to have to find a campground if the other lot was full.

    There were houses nearby, and I saw a man backing his car out of a garage, I told her, I had an idea, and ran to greet the man. I asked him if it would be ok if I camped in his yard, I would pay him $20 if he would let me spend two nights there. He agreed, I gave him the $20 and pull my car in where he showed where I would be out of the way. I was happy with the arrangement, and went back to the pow wow to register.

    The coordinator was there, and this is where the trouble started. First she said she could not believe I had the gall (she used a different word, and I actually took it as a complement) to do what I did. I was like.... What? You cant go into some man's yard and just camp there. All of these people around here have to live here all the time and resent the pow wow being there. Then she said she would not register me until I made different sleeping arrangements. I told her, but I got the guys permission and I even paid him $20 and everything. She told me she wanted to see a receipt.

    You know, this aint motel 6. The guy already took off, so a receipt was not forth comming. She said there was plenty of campgrounds around where i could camp. Yeah like at $25 or more per night. She asked how much I had, which I didnt even know. I pulled out a stack of cash, more like 5 twenties. She called me cheap, because I would not shill out the $50 or more to camp or stay at a motel. Ok so lets count expenses.

    Gas $30
    Food $30
    dancing? priceless.

    Seriously anyone knows where you go to a pow wow problems are going to arise and $40 is not a whole lot of money for emergencies. She gave me this bit about members of her family pitching in, splitting up costs, and oh by the way, she has the same kind of bills that I have, you know, car payment, utilities, all that. Ok well maybe not. I do have the car payment. I do not have a utilities payment or rent because I live with my parents. But.. I do have a tool payment (being a mechanic) I have a camper payment, a credit card payment (bill just came in today), student loan, and other little odds and ends. I make enough to get by. And oh and by the way. I am ALONE. I dont have any family that pitches in or helps me out. No one HELPS me. Yet, even at pow wows, I always manage to dig in to help out the drums on the blanket dances, put a little down for the specialty dances like the hoop dancer, and help out with other things. That $40 just became more like a $10.

    So at this point I am venting frustration, yelling, (without thinking) attracting attention, and ranting to my friends that are asking whats going on. Another lady that helps the coordinator, was nice enough to jot down a list of local campgrounds, and told me to call, I was bound to find a cheap rate someplace. I was so angry I was not even thinking straight, didnt feel like dancing anymore, and basically wanted to hit something (never hit a person yet, not yet) I went back to my car, and called my mom, to tell her that more than likely I was comming home, told her why. At this point, the woman that lived in the house where I parked come out to find out what was going on. I told her. She told me she would not write me a receipt, for liablility reasons. She did offer to help me any way she could, and give my $20 back.

    So I got a second wind, called all of the parks on the list. I think I called about 12 or so. The answers were either, no pop ups allowed, 55 or over park (I am 35), or the rates were way to high, like $35 per night. I felt like there was some reason to stay, so I called the last one on the list. $20 per night, pop ups allowed. I went and filled my tank, and drove the 8 miles over. Big suprise, its a 55+ park. But the owners said since I was only staying 2 nights, it would be ok. That done, I went back to the pow wow coordinator, registered, and went about my pow wow business. I mulled over the whole issue all of Friday, and didnt really start enjoying the pow wow until half way through Saturday. BTW this is the same woman that a year ago asked me where I got my feathers. I felt really uncomfortable telling her about them.

    In the end, I got 3rd place (there was only three of us fancy dancers there) so I recovered my losses and an extra $100. The only bad thing that happened at the park I stayed at was glares from residents, because I didnt belong there. They did have a shower and it was quiet, but for me $40 was pretty expensive for a pow wow. But seriously, why all the fuss over where I decide to sleep? I could have lied and said that I was staying with a friend, or whatever reason I chose to give. Anyone else seeing something that I am not? I have never had a worse time at figuring out sleeping arrangements.

    Anyway, thanks for listening.

    I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.

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    It wasn't her business. Some of these people have to dang much power when they are put into a spot where they can run things (i.e. dancer registration). They need to be knocked off their high horse. Too bad sponsoring organizations don't carefully screen who's running things in their name. There are lots of arrogant "power families" that I'd like to see, fall. My 2c.
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      "All of these people around here have to live here all the time and resent the pow wow being there."

      Maybe this is behind it. Maybe they made some promises to the locals. Maybe the guy you dealt with is not one of the locals who gets put out by the powwow. There might be some neighborhood disagreement over the powwow that lasts after the powwow is gone and the woman who chewed you out is nervous about hearing it from the neighbors or even having them get the powwow thrown out for good. Not that any of this justifies her bad approach - just might explain it.


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        Oh pulleeeeeze name the powwow this happened at! *L
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          This has to be one of the stupidist things I ever heard.

          Hey Paul, is there an award here that goes to the most stupid committee member? I'll vote for this one.


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