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    You know, sometimes in life you ponder. Has anyone ever heard the old saying:

    Everything happens for a reason

    ***Well I only ask this because of the awakening we had this weekend. The weekend started off as dancing at the Portsmouth, VA CourtHosue museum, as part of Native American Heritage Days. We started off and I was like oh boy, lets get this over with so I can go home. Well during the time frame we had, we had a visitor outside of the fence to the museum. A homeless man. He looked native, had every characteristic!!! He eventually made his way into the area where we danced and slowly made his way over to where we were sitting. My mom was the 1st to notice him. She went over and asked him if he minded if she sat with him, and he was ok with it. They started talking. He was a brother from the Rose Bud Rez, but had a girlfriend in Colorado. His name was Patrick, or White Hair. He was a sweet man, who after talking to, would make the weakest heart cry. He had his faults as we all do. But he was a strong sprirt, who had a spirit that spoke louder that he. We were touched by him, not even what he had to say, it was wild. After feeling out his spirit, we were drawn to gift, and we did, the right way, anything from Sage to towels, water and gatorade, and more sacred things. He cried many times as others did seeing him in the state he was. This brother needed to go home, to his people, to his family, and women. He did not belong here, on the streets, in harms way!!! We spent the rest of the day with Patrick, being more touched by his as he spoke more. I jingled I prayed, I jingle and I prayed, over and over. This lost sprirt needed to go. To find his way physically and spiritually, and mentally. He was lost in more than 1 way. Well as the day drew to a end. I was ready to cry to this man. Here he is watching crying drumming to himself, singing to himself, he was unlike most. Ya know most homeless, or people in his state would just take what they were given and leave, and that was the last thing on this mans mind. He stayed, grateful for what he had been given, but he wasn't worried about those items, he just wanted to listen, watch, and sing. Well when the day was over, he respectfully said his "see ya next time's" and left, with ALL of the things he was given. I thought maybe those items would bring him where he needed to be, HOME!! But then again, maybe he wouldn't find his way. Well let me tell you....... I WAS WRONG!!! Here I was being judgemental wher I had no place to be. This brother's spirit proved me wrong, or grandfather did. We had a phone call from some of the people that were there this weekend. Come to find out, the group that was drumming, had gotten in contact with Patrick...White Hair's girlfriend, who did not know where he was, only knew he left Colorado a few yrs ago and nothing more. She was touched, she was estatic, this had made her yr!!!! The group also got him some help, and a start for a job, and a plane ticket to go home!!!!! I again want to cry, this is GREAT!!! Now they have to find Patrick on the streets of Portsmouth, and send him on his way, on the plane. I am going to call the museum, where there is a lady there who see's him everyday, and let her know. She will be touched, she has been trying to get him where he belongs for too long.
    My point here is..there is a old saying, don't judge a book by it's cover, and that old saying is true. out one another, you never know who you will touch with your love!

    Patrick, or your family, if you ever see this...welcome home brother. We love you, and hope your spirit is content. Thank you for the lessons you had taught us all this weekend. Intentional or not..........

    If anyone in land knows Patrick or his family, please keep me in touch on his status when he comes home.
    ***Sorry if I bore you all with this, but this touched us all***
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    What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!

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