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    Hi all that I know on here just wanted do let you all know I took a job for the summer in Baltimore and Dc So I wont be around much and will have to pass up the regular powwows till the end of August ( Cept for the one in Dc Aug Tenth) but this is kinda going to be my adventure hardworking vacation from Michigan ( Det.)
    I say hardworking because it is one of them man jobs but I can do it just fine I will be Remodeling old apts tearing them up and doing drywall and painting
    so its time to dust off my tool belt and spend some time close to the East coast.
    I wish everyone the best of summers as I know Mine will be a busy one.
    My Daughter is going to be there with me she knows construction well.
    We kinda see it as a good boot camp Excellent workout program. the hours will be long
    So I will be able to check in from time to time and keep you all informed of my soreness and achy pain reports As I melt away.
    I dred those first few days of Ouch and tiredness.

    I had been off since Feb had my operation in march and I am more than healed up so I am ready to get that bank account loaded.
    ( p.s. the money I make and send home will cover what I need to finish my culinary degree) and I really want that bad.

    Love you all I am leaving Monday morning start the new job Tuesday morning.

    once again B!#^$ with a tool belt

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    Good luck!!! Have a great summer and make that money girl! Take care of yourself!

    Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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      Holy smokes!!!! I'm gonna miss seeing you around....the posting won't be the same....aye, who am I kidding....Have a good time, work hard, and I'll come back and read y'alls thread.

      Me, I'm just doing my regular job and playing ball this summer. If I'm lucky I'll get to take all the gedunks to Red Earth and Stroud and that'll be it for me. Summer vacay is just 7 days away.
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      "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the Dogs of War..."


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        wow! way to go.... your a real go getter...remember to have a massage from some hunky masseur...make lotsa money so you can buy whatever your heart pleases...take care...dont hit your thumb with that hammer....dont forget to write!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          I'll skip the massage gonna miss the hubby more than I want to
          but its kinda cool gong into this to help get the crews going the contractor is having trouble with his crew of young hunks goofing off not getting to the job site till mid afternoon not taking quality issues of their work seriously so an old woman and a young girl ( my Daughter) is going to show them how to do it ( I love that)


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            Hey! Congrats! How bout I know who to ask when I need construction advice!
            SHAKE IT!!!!


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              Originally posted by Singing Otter View Post
              Hey! Congrats! How bout I know who to ask when I need construction advice!
              sure if you trust me with power tools the hubby is telling everyone that he trusts me so much with a power drill and nail gun that he had to send me out of state So I can practice on someone else's home before doing projects on our house.


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                Wow, sounds fun!! Go flip that house!!! And yes, please keep us posted. I love remodeling. Just wish I could finish my kitchen.
       is what it is...


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                  Take care girl! See you in the fall when you get back!


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                    Hey Dee.....guess I won't see you around the pws in Michigan.....but hope you do REAL well, and realize your goals...dayumm our own ndn female Tim Allen!
                    Take care of yourself...and best of luck too


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                      Dude, good luck and have a great time dude.


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                        good luck on your adventure D.

                        and behave yourself. well try to at least.

                        ...GoT GreaSe?...




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                          Hey, D, welcome to the land of the Beltways. Get some time in at the ocean while you're here, if you can (that's what it means when someone says they're "goin' down 'e ocean, hon") and eat some good steamed crabs in "Bawlamer." Life don't get no better.


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                            Have a good summer! Hope to see you at the National Powwow in DC!


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