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Lets hear it straightdancerinaz.....

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  • Lets hear it straightdancerinaz.....

    Aiight i gotta admit you sparked my interest w/this "I believe" stuff about the unicorns & share a lil' i'd like to hear your thoughts & anyone elses who believe or have stories of those mythological creatures.

    Do you believe???

    *BE EASY*

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    Who believes in vampires, withces and werewolves?

    Oooooh otay now I'm gittin scuuurred... :Scared

    *jumps in straightdancerinaz's arms*


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      I don't believe in vampires (just the ones who give hickies:Chatter ) but I'm fascinated by Vampire movies (not like olden day style like black and white)
      but such as:
      Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Blade and Blade 2..Dracula 2000, Bram Stokers Dracula..these are my fav :Chatter
      (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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        I BELIEVE!! i know it sounds corney but i do believe that vampires & witches exist.......maybe not the way they're portrayed on tv & in movies, but they're around. That movie "The Craft" is pretty bad arse too!!

        *BE EASY*


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          oh yeah I like the Anne Rice novel/movies and Bram Stoker's Dracula is the best! :)

          but i think that people use bad medicine and voodoo and bad stuff like that -- so witches exist in that sense
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            Originally posted by superndngyrl
            oh yeah I like the Anne Rice novel/movies and Bram Stoker's Dracula is the best! :)

            but i think that people use bad medicine and voodoo and bad stuff like that -- so witches exist in that sense
            ditto bout the witches thing
            I have a friend who practices this thing called Wicca
            I dont know if it works tho:Chatter
            I have yet to read the books, cuz u know the books are always better than the movies:)
            (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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              vampires are questionable...but witches are believable....just not as they're portrayed to be...u know...all "witchy"...hahah

              i heard that wicca is similar to the native culture....but i'll let ya'll figure that one out and buckskins can back me and give ya'll some more insight....
              "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                still not an expert on the wicca thing, buckskins knows a lil' more than i do...but i just found some similarites..not to say it is exact...but u know...anyways...
                hey...what about those fish in virginia that could "walk" outta the water and live outta the water for a couple days...those suckers were scary, and deadly too huh? ...remember that!?
                well..being native has taught me to believe in all sorta things...u know we believe a lot more than other peeps and are more mindful/considerate of such things...and being native also taught me not to question certain things as well...

                things that make ya go HMMMM.....
                "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                  well Wicca is actually one of the oldest known spirituality- natural based beliefs that's still exists. There are many similarities to native beliefs as far as respects go toward mother earth, and the natural elements. They originally believed in a woman "god" and rather than practicing thier ceremonies during the day & warshiping in day light, many of thier ceremonies are based around the lunar cycle. Over the years, it's been changes & percieved as dark & all depends on the person who's practicing & how they interpret it.

                  *BE EASY*


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                    Well, my friend in philosophy got called on unexpectedly and she wasn't paying attention so she answered yes. So after answer yes, she now believes in Wood Sprites.

                    Hell, there's a lot of things out there that we don't know about.

                    There are a lot of witches out there in the spiritual sense. Not necessaraily Hollywood sense. :D

                    Oh, and I'm a vampire and drink human blood everynight. That's why straightdanceinaz got so scared. Because I want to suck his blood.

                    "Support Bacteria. It's the only culture some people have."

                    "I can't sleep, the clowns will eat me."

                    "Things are more like today than they ever have been."


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                      Ohhh kay what about Roswell, NM? anyone believe in what happened there like what years years ago??? LOL.. me and my aliens. :p

                      :43: :43:


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                        ghost from the past....

                        When i saw this i was thinkin' "what the......?????" I'm tryin to hear some skin walker stories! Couldn't get enuff of em when i lived in PHX, my "jo" frenz had plenty.....anyone wanna share?
                        *BE EASY*


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                          I actually never knew about the Roswell incident thingy till about a year ago!! LMAO

                          Okay just to clear it up, i'm not obsessed with aliens or anything SD in AZ LMAO


                          :Chatter :Chatter


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                            what about hobbits?
                            "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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