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1 U have to C...... TRANSFORMERS!!

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  • 1 U have to C...... TRANSFORMERS!!

    Doooooots, if you haven't seen this movie yet....... IT ROCKED!!

    My son sat at the tip of his seat (which I never seen him do) through the whole movie. He laughed so hard, it was crazeee. I definitely take the kids to see this movie. Having been a Transformer fan back in the 80's playing with the figurines, etc with my lil brother/big brother, it was the bestest movie......

    I like alot of action and humor which this movie has it all. It was cool to hear everyone scream when Optimus Prime showed up, then again when Megatron, so its definitely a thriller. Everyone cheered and clapped at the end, so ya know its gooter.

    So if you seen it, let's hear what ya think........ Oh and Happy 4th of July!!!!
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    I agree

    This movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes and we wished it was longer. Compared to 3 hours of Pirates of the Caribbean (by the end of that movie, I was ready to leave), this movie blew it out of the water!

    Awesome digital animation! I'm somewhat of an animation geek so I truly enjoyed this one. My kids loved it too!

    Luckily, we didn't have to stand in line long. We did see the first showing yesterday and my family would love to see it again.
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      My son & I saw the movie yesterday, it was GREAT
      the hubby wouldn't go because he reads the reviews & he said that they were not good, I called him up right after the move was over & said don't believe the reviews it was awsome, it had every thing action, romance, comedy, drama.
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        HELL YEAH!!! This movie was wicked!!!....thought it was a helluva lot better than Spidey 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates....Had me all fixated on it through out...which is kinda rare for me...anyway, my daughter enjoyed it immensely....which was cool.....

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          I am gonna have to jump on the band wagon with all of you guys. this movie rocked my world. at first the man and I went to watch 1408, it was ooooooooookkkkkkkk. then we were like, well let's go and watch Transformers also. so we did and my bedtime is usually at 10:30 p.m. (not by choice, I just get tired and my eyes start closing by themselves) so the movie started at 10:40 p.m. and i was awake the whole time, and was at the edge of my seat. i got all pumped up and felt this adrenaline rush whenever they would transform into robots or when they were cars and they would all be driving in a pack.
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            This movie rooooooooooooooocked!
            SHAKE IT!!!!


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              I really loved the movie, so did DH, he grew up watching their cartoons during the 80s. And today, HBO did the "making of" Transformers.

              On another note, I am looking forward to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


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                There Is None Higher Than The: Trans Formers

                I saw this historical film on the Fourth. It stole my breath away. This film grossed over 125,000,000 in less than a week.

                For further background on Trans Formers see my thread:

                Trans Formers The Movie 20th Anniversary Edition
                it's on the Entertainment board.

                Everything in this film was flawless. I can't praise this film any higher really. It is one of the best films in the history of film. The effects weren't lame and cheesy like how Matrix got after part II. The actors were great! John Tuturro did a great job at being a jerky Special Agent guy. The original voice talent Peter Cullin from the cartoon and animated film was the voice talent for Optimus Prime again. It really wouldn't have been Prime for me if anyone else did it.

                This movie is so dang tough! Friggn awesome, just amazing! I think this will get kids young and old skool back into Trans Formers again. I'll probably start collecting the toys again I know. Trans Formers is a phenomena that is much akin to Star Wars to me. It has a very special place in my Mythology and childhood.

                I have been a Trans Formers fan since I was five years old. I'm now 29 going on 30. I will always love Trans Formers and what it did for my imagination and the countless hours playing with my family and friends and pretending!

                I'll have to say that I LOVE the Trans Formers. Yes very DORKY I know, but least I'm not in the closet about it. Aye!


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                  Loved It! Movie of the Summer. I wanna see it again. I just love 'Louis Steven' he cracks me up. Do yall remember the cartoon back in the day. I think its still on the air(?).


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