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Baby Pool!! -25,000 points to winner!!

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  • Baby Pool!! -25,000 points to winner!!

    I'm due in 19 days ( from today). My baby boy is due on December 26th. Paul G ( thank you) has donated 25,000 points to go to the winner of the one that guess closest without going over, my delivery day and time. ( I'll spare you the weight and height )

    So come on, give your best guess as to when we will welcome little Aydan Sky into the world.

    Will he be here for Christmas eve? Christmas? Boxing Day? ( daddy is Cree from Manitoba ) Or will he be a New Years baby??

    And FYI no I haven't started having signs of labor yet.

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    Oooh, Congratulations!!! My baby girl was born early, but we don't know how early because I never really had a specific due date due. When Raegan was born, she weighed 5 lbs 10 oz. She was tiny! She'll be a year old on January 31. Time sure does fly...

    Anyways, I'll take a guess. I will say on the Dec. 23 at 3:30 p.m. Woohoo! I hope I win.
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      I'm gonna say Dec 30th at 4:38 am. I just got a feeling that you are gonna be sitting around at christmas just waiting to go into labor and it not happen for another 4 days while you overdue and uncomfy hehehehehe...
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        I am going for Christmas!! Dec 25 at 3:30PM. :) Great name too!


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          umm, dec. [email protected]:00 we get more than one really aren't giving us any
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            January 2nd, 100PM


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              i am going for December 30, 4:30 am


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                CHRISTMAS MORNING .... 2: 00 A.M.

                thank you for all the points! *laughing*

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                  I'm going to say New Years Day because 1 it's my birthday and to, all that new years eve celebrating will be just what a baby needs to get him prepared for his first 9!!!
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                    dec.28th 4:20 pm


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                      December 22 at 12:04AM


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                        PS Congratulations!


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                          Dec.15 8:01 a.m


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                            I'm going to go with Dec 29 at 1:30 am, first boys are usually late (not always--but usually are).
                            Congratulations and good luck.


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                              I'm going with Dec. 19th at 11:31 p.m.
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