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    I had the most amazing and glorious Christmas so far in my life. My husband made me a huge Beading loom that is 48 inches long and 7 inches wide. And then on Christmas Eve I got news that my younger brother that was serving over in Iraq got to come home and spend his new sons first Christmas with him. And the best part about that is he does not have to go back they are finally letting him retire. Then on Christmas day my oldest son let me know that I was going to be a Grandmother again.

    I hope that everyone has a safe and blessed New Year!



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      christmass i got new boots from my mom that rachel claimed and she gave me her new ones hers has two flapes that have to be wound closed around the boots so im ok with the trade,jessie got me and rachel maching braclets with soft colors in sliver and my daughter erin gave me a sliver braclet its real pretty i was looking at a similar one in the trading post.
      i gave jessie a warm blanket with his money ,my kids got things like basket ball cd and somthing to playthe music on then toys for the babies and warmed sleepers,oh my son got a electrick shaver with some of the acks things to go with,and a airsoft rifle, blue sants sent us 250 for us to spend i put 180 in on the food. by christmass day jessie and i was alone by mid day what to do ... well we were not drinking...
      we just sat out side and injoyed the weather.
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        Originally posted by *Brown Eyed Gurl* View Post
        or laid by a drunk??

        LMFAO!!! Too funny.

        I must have been a good kid this year! I got a sewing machine that I gave up on getting! *L* A Nintendo DS (it rocks!) Some Mary Kay makeup/compact. Two clothing gift certificates, The Fergie CD I've been wanting, Emporio/Armani Diamonds (smells like the bomb!!), J Lo's Glow After Dark and some Curve, Bath and Body (The Velvet Tuberose smells great), some unmentionables..*L* some OU flip flops and house shoe flip flops and an OU umbrella. You can stand under my Umbrella, ella, ella, ella......


        It was a nice Christmas. Sounds like everyone had an good holiday. Here's to a great year!!!!!

        Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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          Well....I didn't get any Pendleton's for Christmas....and am awaiting my refund!!!

          But I did rake up the presents, but I didn't mean to (feeling guilty). I got a blender, a Magic Bullet blender, a set of Jack Daniels steak sauces, a sewing machine, an Estee Lauder makeup set, a shower curtain/bath set, mixing bowls/colander set, and bad 'a' earrings.

          I did get to make a little doggie Pendleton coat for Granny's Yorkie since I didn't get to make her a big coat.
 is what it is...


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            I got a purse, ginger candles, tea and teapot, books, apple lotion, night gown, chocolate fudge from my boyfriend's mother, after I told her that I love peanutbutter fudge. Glad you all had a wondeful Christmas.
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