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Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ?

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  • Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ?

    Who would you vote for and why? Add information for your candidate.

    PS. Don't attack other opinions. Just lay out your information on why?

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    Doesn't really matter. Between these two one African-American and the other a woman. I do not believe the average American is ready to let either lead their country. I believe that it is going to be a republican president again. That's just me though. I don't think there is anything wrong with a person of color or a woman running a country but I don't think they are ready.


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      Originally posted by OgamaWab10 View Post
      Who would you vote for and why? Add information for your candidate.

      PS. Don't attack other opinions. Just lay out your information on why?

      I have a question straight up. I don't want any political commercials or advertisements. I would like to hear it from your own words.

      It seems to me that alot of people are counting on Barack to keep some kind of promises to help the Native Americans, well lets look at the promises made by all th other presidents who were elected, how many of them were actually kept. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder then words. So my question is this: What has Barack done for the Native Americans PRIOR to his deciding to run for office? Has he voted in favor of the Natives anywhere or anything like that? What reservations has he visited and sat and talked to the people or the Elders? How has he helped with the IHS so far?

      And before anyone says that none of the other's have done that much if anything either, they are not seeming to make an issue of helping Native Americans as much as he is and I would like to know what he has actually done up to this point?
      In the year prior to running for election?
      In the 5 years prior to running for election?

      If there are other reasons for choosing him as your candidate, that's fine, but there has been a big issue here that I have seen where all these letters and promises have been made and I would like to know what has actually been done? If anything.
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        I will vote for neither
        I will more than likely vote Republican like I always do, and it will be for Hucklebee, and I really can't explain why but to me the Republicans always make more since to me. The Democrats always seem to be putting down each other down like little kids.
        Now I honestly feel that McCain will win but Hucklebee will be the Vice President and that is Ok with me.


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          bad choice if vote for McCain

          McCain stated he wants to spend a 100 years in Iraq. He wants to spend Trillions of dollar over in Iraq, it would not be good in the long run for the American People. It would be wise that the money was spent in America. Why vote for that? Bush is now cutting funds, to limit money to native people. McCain is on that same page. Why vote for that?
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            I always found a republican native to be an oxymoron.

            Staying in Iraq any longer is highly irresponsible and idiotic. In order to have a civil society, we need three things- Social, economical, and anthropological stability. Social because there needs to me a majority and a minority and the rights of the minority needs to be protected. Economical because there needs to be three classes, top, middle, bottom. Middle being the glue. Anthropological because there needs to be a common culture and language. I'm not sure who I'm voting for yet. I like Clinton, but I like Obama as well. Hmmm...
            I'm interested more in self determination than gender equity. In other words, changing white men for white woman in the structures of power, does nothing to transform the opression in my community.

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              Still with Obama all the way!!


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                Undecided. I may flip a coin if it comes down to it.
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                  i'm going to vote for the one who DOESN'T say they were "chosen by god" to be president.

                  I don't want a messiah or savior in the white house. that's the last place they should be.

                  I don't want any unecessary wars all over the world being fought adn racking up body bags to make the rich even more wealthy.

                  And i want to get back to following the consitution and equal rights for all.

                  So that leaves me with the choice of Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton.
                  I will probly vote for Hillary Clinton.
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                    Tell yo' momma to vote Obama! *L
                    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                          Aww man this is a tough one! I am leaning toward Obama, he seems ready to make big changes in the US


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                            John McCain......why????

                            because it's my choice.........and lets see who attacks me for this one too.....LOL!!!!.....McCain all the way!!!....

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                              Originally posted by 50cal View Post
                              John McCain......why????

                              because it's my choice.........and lets see who attacks me for this one too.....LOL!!!!.....McCain all the way!!!....
                              You'd like that and you know it.LOL

                              I haven't been attacked, so I don't think that you will be this time.LMAO


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