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Wow!!! What A "Super Bowl"

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    My lil bro was at the game and my Auntie and him celebrated with the Giants! White knuckles down to the wire....Giants Defense was key! Manning was on! Yes Joe that was an awesome play just under 2 minutes! I couldn't believe it! Hey Josiah I'll bet Shula was on the edge of his chair!
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      I watched the last 2 quarters. With a crowd of people...I couldn't figure out what was going on. The guys I was sitting with though would be up dancing and screaming at the tv or the next minute cussing and sitting down. I didn't even pick a team....LOL But it was fun.

      The food was great, we had chili and beef stew. And the beer was cold. So I was happy. LOL
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        Wonder how the Vegas bookies made out?


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          THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!


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            This just goes to show that sometimes your best is just not good enough!


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              it was a good game but i wouldnt call it the best ever.

              but that one play manning escaped a sack and the catch was made off the helmet is up there with the greats tho.

              ...GoT GreaSe?...




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                Well this game certainly ranks up there with the best all time!!!

                Just for the fact that there was so much History and Glory riding on this game...

                If the Patriots win they can lay claim to the Best team of there Era and possibley all time.
                On the other hand the Giants were picked by NO ONE to win!
                In my book it was one of the Greatest Upsets of all time
                and for me it was one damn fine Game
                Tom Brady got his in the end
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                  I actually watched the Super Bowl this year.. only because Nick Kazchur of the Patriots went to my high school and I was hearing a lot about him so I decided to watch it. It didnt matter to me who won.. But it was definately a great game!
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