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    Who would you guys say the BEST cell phone company out there..for long distance n unlimt text is...service and price wise.....?

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    I've had cingular, sprint and now verizon. So far Verizon is my favorite
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      I had Cingular and couldn't get a signal within the state that I live in certain places and when I go to see family--I had to go downtown and park in one of the store's parking lot's and do some pretty strategic moves just to make or receive a call. Where most of the people who I know that have Verizon, don't have that problem at all. The end of this month--I'm going with Verizon.


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        I thought this was jail talk!lol

        I have VZ. I work for VZ. Had AT&T but it didn't work where i live. Verizon does.

        OH yeah... and I get discounts!LOL

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          Originally posted by suthernwaterbird View Post
          Who would you guys say the BEST cell phone company out there..for long distance n unlimt text is...service and price wise.....?
          We have us cellular and like it alot.. can go anywhere and get a good signal..we also have the unlimited text pkg..(the best for they work well with you if you have an issue and the price is reasonable..
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            I had cingular and really liked it. Now I have Nextel. I have service in alot of places but I think I like cingular better
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              I've only had Sprint... so far so good. Thee driving force for going with them was a work discount(that, the online coupons I found on google, and the fact that we got the phones for free..... coupons rock) lol.
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                btw..... who ever you decide to go with make sure you check online for coupons. I entered the info into the webpage for checkout and by the time I was done they owed me money. I printed it out and took it into the store and they honored it.
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                  you're best bet is to ask someone ... who LIVES in your area and more or less will be doing the same thing as you do in regards to calling pattern and texting. but its always best to take the unlimited texting option with any calling plan you do take. it is cheaper to text than call.

                  also ask about the long distance charges from your area - and roaming costs. ask to be shown a map of the calling area of your prefix so you know where you will be charged for long distance. if you initiate a call in your area and then go out of it - you will be hit for roaming costs. there are different plans out there - i dont know about american cell companies. but i know mine (sasktel mobility) - you are able to call in and ask to have your plan "audited" to see if you are on the right plan. they check your calling patterns and usage for three months and if you arent - they can change it for free.

                  also really think about how many calls you will be making - and try to stay within your calling plan minutes. if you for example pick a calling plan with 200 minutes - that boils down to 6.67 minutes A DAY per month for actual phone calls (200/30 days). and can you really limit your daily calls to that amount of minutes? most people dont break it down like that because they are thinking - "Wow! 200 minutes i can talk forever!!" then they get their first month's bill they are like WTF!!
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                    I use Verizon here because the only other option is Union who's great in state, but has terrible out of state plans.

                    When I got my first Verizon bill it was EXACTLY like the worst of the commercials. I was actually crying!! So be careful and sign up for more that you need just in case you get BURNED!! And then the next bill was like the other commercial - "You!" "YOU!"

                    I see Verizon has an unlimited plan now for $99. I'm going to see if it will fit my 5 phones in there somehow.

                    Right now I'm on America's Choice, 2100 minutes, 5 phones, unlimited text and pix, and insurance on all the phones, and paying $220 a month. The average per phone is $45 which isn't bad considering my first two Verizon bills were $450 and $750!!! Yep, that's when I was crying!!

                    Where we live we really have to watch calling in an analog area where the minutes really add up, and when my daughter went over her 250 text messages one month, we had $149 in texting fees!! (she did like 1500 texts that month) Thank goodness for UNLIMITED!!
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                      *nods to chazzif*

                      I finally found a cell phone that works -for me-. You see I don't want a bill - I just don't need that SUPRISE! now-you-owe-us-the-national debt. I also don't need a leash that work can grab on to, I don't need unlimited minutes or texting.

                      What I needed was an emergency phone.... when you're on wheels and the wheels quit working - THAT is when you need to "reach out and touch someone". I didn't want per call charges, per day usage fees, a monthly bill or any of that nonsense for a phone that is basically going to sit in my backpack most of the time.

                      What I got is a TRACPhone. The phone cost $20 and came with 30 minutes of talk time. Load it with more minutes on the internet. Flat 15 cents a minute local, in state, out of state, where ever. No per call, roaming, per day or per month charges. Like carrying a long distance calling card - but you can use it to talk on.

                      I have a landline for talking on and now I have the TRACPhone for emergency contact. It's worked everywhere I needed it to. According to their coverage map it should work along the major interstates and in the larger cities nationwide.


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                        yeah pay as you go are easier in regards to not being "surprised" on a monthly basis - but sometimes they dont have the greatest reception.

                        and you do really have to think about if you want to be tied into a contract. most companies offer "free" phones with a 3 year contract and one year contracts with the full price of the phone. they get more money outta ya - if you go with the free phone in the long run. if you want to get out of a contract you have to pay a fee for each month remaining and/or a cancellation fee.

                        there are companies out there that let you "take over" someone else's contract - for a minimal fee. cant think of any of the names out there but im sure you can google it. $40 and you get a phone and not a full contract to be tied into ... cant beat that.
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                          I LOVE MY AT&T...that's all I can say...
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                            NET10, they are soooo cool. Calls are a flat rate of 10 cents anywhere and texts are only 5 cents. Minutes carry over, and are good for longer periods of time.


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                              Well not much of a choice up here.. had cellular one but AT&T bought them out but still on our plan until it runs out. I have free weekends and after 7pm, unlimited text messaging and unlimited minutes calling my spousal unit. We share 1200 minutes and so far that's worked out great for us. I also have AIM messanger on my phone and limited web access. All for less than a hundred for both phones I believe.
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