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Price is right: Bob or Drew???

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  • Price is right: Bob or Drew???

    Itz the old skool v.s the new. Honestly who u like better. Drew isnt bad but bob's u decide. Who would u rather be offered a new car by.
    Bob Barker
    Drew Carey

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    BOB even tho i havent watched the show in years..if i could pick a game it would be Plinko lol


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      BOB all the way!

      I think Drew is trying but when he did the Higher/Lower game or whatever it's called where the contestant says a price and he says higher or lower until they get it. Well, he messed up and I would have been very upset if that woman didn't win.

      But yeah, I grew up watching Bob Barker on TV, even on Truth or Consequences, and I really miss him. Not that I watch all the time, mind you!! is what it is...


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        I say Bob!!! I thought he was sooo fun..also, I think Drew is a dork...
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          Drew is a hack.
          There are 2 types of people in the world...
          Really stupid people who think they are smart
          Really smart people who think they are smart.


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            R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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              What happened to the MARIO Lopez idea? I wish they had hired him.


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                Drew to me, does not act like he really enjoys doing the show, I can't explain it but, it is as if he was not made for this tipe of TV.


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                  Hey, I say they need to get a good MC like Wallace Coffey or someone to do the Price is Right. What do you think??? At least it would be entertainering..


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                    Drew acts bored

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                      Bob!!!!! "Remember to have your pet spade or neutered"

                      Plus, he was cool, he was in Happy Gilmore!

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