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  • Ghost Hunters!!

    Us being native americans...we have r own special belief in the "super natural". Everyone kno's a ghost story or two, rather it be tru or not. But if u live on a rez or jus around alot of ndn's u will hear that a certain place or building is haunted. Either threw an experience, an old grandparent tale or jus threw a rumor or something like that. Being ndn u have been told to avoid a certain place or not to be goin out lookin for a certain thing.

    I kno here where i live, out at the tribal head quarters i can be pretty spooky(which jus makes us more curiuos)as can other locations around here in town. This town has a lot of history behind it. So if u have a good old fashion ghost story or jus an unexplained experience feel free to share.

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    OOO I luv ghost stories!! I can't wait to hear them!! Yeah ok well maybe I'll tell one later on!!

    But Boss, I am working!!......on finding my next pow-wow that is!


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      i had an interest in the paranormal i have belonged to a paranormal that goes on investigations here and there. i have gotten shots with orbs and streaks that can't be be explained. i have some of my shots at profile (


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        hmmm... I have seen orbs, and felt things. Ya know like the hair stands up, and cold spots.
        I swear my dad is still in the house on and off. He passed here in the home of a massive heart attach. I smell him.. cigarettes and old spice. I find it reassuring.
        I also catch glimpes of what I call shadow people. It seems like the same occurance in the same place, different times of day. Sort of repeating the same thing.
        I dont feel bothered by these things.

        One thing that bothers me is when I drive down the road and street lights go off just before or after I pass. This happens alot.


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          i still smell my granndmother's cologne now and then, she has been dead for nearly 30 years. every so often when my group goes out, i will see a shadow of a person.

          here is a link to my group's website : CT Paranormal Research and Investigations


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