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  • Hinckley Results - 2008

    Alright, like a good'r, i sat my arse down and wrote winners. If there are any mis-spells, my bad, I had a bad ear all weekend hahaha.
    Jr Girls Fancy
    4th - ? Roberts
    3rd - ? White
    2nd - ???
    1st - Sky Black Kettle
    Jr Girls Jingle
    4th - ? Clairmont
    3rd - Sade Kingbird
    2nd - Mariah White
    1st - Liliah Kingbird
    Jr Girls Traditional
    4th - Taylor Clairmont
    3rd - Rayna Nelson?
    2nd - ??Benton
    1st - Jade Gustufson?
    Jr Boys Fancy
    4th - Marcus Kingbird
    3rd - Nathan Lasley
    2nd - ? Cant read my own hand writing
    1st - Jesse Yazzie
    Jr Boys Grass
    4th - George Gilette
    3rd - ?? Santos
    2nd - Aiden Redsky
    1st - J.Knight
    Jr Boys Traditional
    4th - Parshall Baker
    3rd - ?? White
    2nd - ?? Morris
    1st - Justin Lasley
    Teen Girls Fancy
    4th - ??
    3rd - Tiata Roberts
    2nd - Lacey Fiddler
    1st - Nyomi Cleveland
    Teen Girls Jingle
    4th - Shay DesRosiers
    3rd - Amanda Iron Star
    2nd - Tess Knight
    1st - Tasheena Bison
    Teen Girls Traditional
    4th - Verlina Black Kettle
    3rd - Rochelle Mann
    2nd - Cherish Tohay
    1st - Cheyenne Brady
    Teen Boys Fancy
    4th - Graham Primieux? (could never figure out how to spell it haha)
    3rd - Stetson Hagle
    2nd - Canku OneStar
    1st - Marquelle Crawford
    Teen Boys Grass
    4th - Jesse Gustufson?
    3rd - Cante Knight
    2nd - Peanut Roberts
    1st - Elijah ??
    Golden Age Women
    4th - Deloris Good Eagle
    3rd - Vera Kingbird
    2nd - Marilyn Mountain
    1st - Elaine Medicine
    Golden Age Men
    4th - Sidney Kianah
    3rd - Paul Beaulieau
    2nd - Ivan Lonechild
    1st - Johnny Smith
    Mr Oakley was here

    see my powwow videos here...

  • #2
    Jr Womens Fancy
    4th - Patti Bugg
    3rd - Jocy Bird
    2nd - Amber Cleveland
    1st - Nahmi Lasley
    Jr Womens Old Style Jingle
    4th - Michelle Elliott
    3rd - Tarah Jackson
    2nd - Kit Landry
    1st - Sherry Landry
    Jr Womens Contemp Jingle
    4th - Lauren Frank
    3rd - Tahnee Back
    2nd - Alexa Rae Funmaker
    1st - Grace Pushetanequa
    Jr Womens Traditional
    4th - Allison Laplante
    3rd - Cheyenne Fiddler
    2nd - Tara Sandy
    1st - Amber Buffalo
    Jr Mens Fancy
    4th - Tyler Lasley
    3rd - White Coyote Holybull
    2nd - Tonch St John
    1st - Darrell Hill
    Jr Mens Grass
    4th - Sonny Iceman
    3rd - Buck Spottedtail
    2nd - AJ Redman
    1st - James Day
    Jr Mens Traditional
    4th - ? White Horse?
    3rd- ? Gustufson
    2nd - Dana Warrington
    1st - Wendall Powless
    Womens Southern Traditional
    4th - Claudia Spicer
    3rd - Chalene Tohay
    2nd - Monica Rapheal
    1st - Toni Tsatoke
    Mens Southern Straight
    4th - Marshall Funmaker
    3rd - Sean Spicer
    2nd - Ron Goodeagle Jr
    1st - Wahkeen Hamilton
    Sr Womens Fancy
    4th - Muriel Stewart
    3rd - Michelle Black Kettle
    2nd - Lillian GoodEagle
    1st - Lisa Ewack-Noon
    Sr Womens Old Style Jingle
    4th - Vikki Hindsley
    3rd - Rebecca Roberts
    2nd - Diane DesRosioers
    1st - Clara Jackson
    Sr Womens Contem Jingle
    4th - Duanna Red Elk
    3rd - Candace Johnson
    2nd - Denise One Star
    1st - Yvette GoodEagle
    Sr Womens Traditional
    4th - Mary Lou Olson
    3rd - Angelina Hindsley ?
    2nd - Kelly Downwind
    1st - Jodi Gilette
    Sr Mens Fancy
    4th - Larry Yazzie
    3rd - Dwight White Buffalo Sr
    2nd - Eric Shepard
    1st - Michael Roberts
    Sr Mens Grass
    4th - Mike One Star Sr
    3rd - Gabe DeSRosiers
    2nd - Darrell Goodwill
    1st - Rusty Gilette
    Sr Mens Traditional
    4th - Jim Red Eagle
    3rd - Charles Hindsley
    2nd - Gabe Cleveland
    1st - Terry Fiddler
    Teen Boys Traditional
    4th - Austin Benton
    3rd - Darius?
    2nd - A. Hindsley
    1st - Albert Hindsley
    Mens Chicken Dance Special
    3rd - Joe Lafferty
    2nd - Lee Goodman Jr
    1st - Nelson Baker
    Old Style Grass special
    3rd - Johnny Smith
    2nd - Wade Baker
    1st - Darrell Goodwill
    Old Style Sidestep
    3rd - Nelda Goodman
    2nd - Lisa Ewack-Noon
    1st - Rebecca Roberts (Donating Horse next year)


    Some videos are up...check that link down there...

    Mr Oakley was here

    see my powwow videos here...


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