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    For those who have cats, I have a question.

    My cat is a recent adoption, her name is Brandie. 8 years old, dsh, good over all health. Took her in for a check up today, she is going well, and doesn't seem to be sick.

    My question is this: She has not eaten since I got her on Sunday. Vet says she is healthy, I need ideas on what I could to feed her, and get her to eat. The previous owner stated that she hardly eats at all, but I would feel better knowing the kitty has something in her tummy.

    I am now trying some "Prescriptive" cat food, that is very high in protein and putting a bit on her paws, so that she will lick it off.

    I was happy this am to see that she both did number one, since day one, and now number two, yay she is ok in that aspect.

    Tips, tricks and words of advice are greatly appreciated!

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    Google 'New cat won't eat'. There are some helpful hints in there. I don't have that problem with my 10 cats/kittens. Got them when they were between 1 and 2 weeks old.

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      Cats can be funny at times.

      Do you know what they fed her at the other place? She may just need to get used to you at first. Sometimes with any animal when you change their suroundings, they won't eat for a while, but they will when they get used to you.

      Also, you could try soft cat food or a little milk, but that would give her the runs if she's not used to it. You really don't want to give her anything that she's not used to, that will cause the above.LOL

      If it continues and she looks like she's loosing weight, then I would suggest a little tuna fish in with her food, not alot though and you don't want her to get used to it unless you plan on continuing to give it to her. Oh, fair warning here, if she's 8 years old then she's smart enough that she will pick out just the tuna and leave the other food behind if she doesn't like it.LOL I've seen many cats and dogs do this one.LMAO

      If the vet says she's healthy, it's just probably her getting used to you and the new place. Cats eat what they feel, some eat a little and some eat a lot.

      I had two kitties here and they were sister's--one ate very little and the other would eat to the bottom of the bowl where she was and then look up at me or my son to add more, even though there was more food in the bowl, it wasn't where she was eating.LMAO so we would shake it back down and she would eat more.LMAO
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        Also, my sister has a cat and she got him when he was just little. She moved around some with him including in here with me twice.LOL The first time he wouldn't eat either, but we are used to it 'cause I grew up with cats (I've told you this before--been around cats all my life.LOL) He did eventually start to eat and he was just fine. Then it got to be almost a game between him and my son's dog as to which one was gonna eat the other one's food first.LMAO

        She moved several other times and now her cat has kittie ADD.LOL
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          Some cats that are used to being in a quiet,no kids,no dogs home take a while to get used to a noisy place. If you dont have that as the problem, then maybe it's just a matter of time til she gets used to a new house & people. Just make sure there's fresh water for her at all times. That's the important thing.They can do without food longer than water. She will eventually start eating. Maybe she's shy about eating where there's a lot of things going on around where the food & water is located. She may just drink & eat a little at night after the lights are out & everyone is asleep. Does she play or want to hide? Good luck, hope she starts feeling at home soon.
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            You can drain a can of tuna over her food and put it in a quiet place.
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              ya its most likely the new enviornment change--she will get over it in a few days maybe a week...she just prolly eats like a girl lol


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                Give her time to adjust and try the tuna or maybe fish oil over her food.
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