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7 yo boy on a killing spree..........

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  • 7 yo boy on a killing spree..........

    Boy, 7, goes on killing spree in zoo, feeding reptiles to crocodile

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    <!-- Print Author name associated with the article --><!-- Print Author name from By Line associated with the article -->Sophie Tedmanson, Sydney

    <!-- END: Module - M24 Article Headline with landscape image (d) --><!-- Article Copy module --><!-- BEGIN: Module - Main Article --><!-- Check the Article Type and display accordingly--><!-- Print Author image associated with the Author--><!-- Print the body of the article--><STYLE type=text/css>div#related-article-links p a, div#related-article-links p a:visited {color:#06c;}</STYLE><!-- Pagination --><!--Display article with page breaks -->An “expressionless” seven-year-old boy broke into a zoo, bludgeoned to death giant lizards and fed them – and other live animals - to a crocodile named Terry in Outback Australia this week.
    Zookeepers were horrified when they arrived at work on Wednesday morning to see Terry, an 11-foot long saltwater crocodile, feasting on his fellow showcase reptilians at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in the Northern Territory.
    At first they thought the animals, including the zoo’s favourite, metre-long, 20-year-old goanna, had escaped from their outdoor pens and accidentally become breakfast for Terry - the local zoo’s prize attraction.
    But further investigation uncovered CCTV footage of the local boy’s horrific 35-minute killing spree which began when he scaled the fence of the zoo, located in the centre of Alice Springs, a popular tourist destination town in central Australia, just before 8am on Wednesday morning.
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    <!-- END: Module - M63 - Article Related Attachements --><!-- Call Wide Article Attachment Module --><!--TEMPLATE:call file="wideArticleAttachment.jsp" /-->The blank-faced boy, who had evaded security cameras because of his slight size, then began his deadly rampage, smashing rocks on the heads of the reptiles and throwing them and other live animals into the crocodile enclosure, according to the zoo’s director Rex Neindorf.
    The boy killed 13 animals in total, including a large turtle, bearded dragons, goannas and lizards including Thorny Devils and Western Blue tongues, which are hard to find in captivity.
    “It’s absolutely devastating for us, we’re just horrified,” Mr Neindorf told Times Online today.
    “The goanna was 20 years old, she was an absolute doll.”
    The boy was so brazen he even climbed over an outer fence to get a closer look at the action.
    “He was lucky because if he got in there with the goanna, she would have torn him to pieces,” Mr Neindorf said.
    Police were called and questioned the boy, who comes from a family well known in the local area, but because of his age they are unable to do anything. According to Northern Territory law, children under 10 are not liable for criminal offences.
    “I thought for the sheer consequences of what he did that there would have to be some severe punishment, but he’s only seven, they can’t do anything to kids under 10,” Mr Neindorf said.
    “We’re going to see what we can do, maybe try and sue the family in the civil court, we’ll look down that avenue.”
    According to Mr Neindorf, the “nasty” boy’s brother was part of a group who attacked Terry the crocodile about five years ago.
    He said they often get kids trying to throw rocks at the animal enclosures from a nearby hill, but this incident is the worst that has happened in the history of the zoo.
    “He will just get worse and worse and worse, by the time he’s 10 he will be a hardened criminal,” Mr Neindorf said of the boy.
    The Alice Springs Reptile Centre is in central Australia, almost 300 miles from Uluru (Ayres Rock), and has 200 animals on display, including Perentie Goanna, Frill Neck Lizards, Thorny Devils, pythons, taipans and death adders, and, of course, Terry, the 440-pound salt-water crocodile.
    Earlier this week Scottish-born Vietnam veteran Arthur Booker disappeared while camping in a remote part of north-eastern Queensland. A three-day search uncovered nothing but his sandals and wrist watch. He is thought to have been taken by a salt-water crocodile.

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  • #2 coworker and I were talking about this today. that's effed up. it's like....there's another Jeffery Dahmer or Tim McVay waiting to happen. WTF happened to him??? SOMETHING needs to be done. I would definitely be finding out just what happens in that well know family behind closed doors.

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    • #3 do some parents so totally screw up kids?...there should be some kind of test to have kids...some people just dont know how to raise kids.. (the test shouldnt include math) ...his punishment should be... he should be covered in honey nbd be tied to an ant them fire ants..


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        How did a 7 year old boy manage to sneak out the house without someone knowing? If his older brother has already been in trouble shouldn't that have put up red flags about the parents lack of attention to their children? This kid needs some serious around the clock or his next victim maybe a human, not a animal.
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          as long as his lil azz is contained over in Australia.....

          Thats crazy, what the....sick!! Better get that kiddo some serious help cause he would only escalate his victims til they are other children.
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            wow unbelievable..
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              serial killer in tha makin .... thats nuts .... scary more like it
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                aww a lil baby serial killer how sweet


                crazy stuffs


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                  Dang that is just nuts. WOW

                  I'm wondering the same thing--how does a 7 year old get out of the house like that to do something like that?


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                    Dudes, you think this is messed up. The legal age in Canada for criminal responsibility 12.


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                      My guess is that kid is probably abused... There's something about this action that brings up the flags that says he's the result of his environment and not a natural nut.
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