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  • Displaying Reglia At Home

    We don't display ours.....they hang in the closet like our regular clothes. We do have some old beadwork displayed but it is under glass and out of the direct light.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. I do have a friend that hangs her buckskin on a quilt rack on the wall though.....

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    My family is proud of their clothes too, however, we believe it is meant to be worn and danced in, not hung on the walls for display. The friend that I was talking about - the dress that she hung was her first or second buckskin and hadn't been worn for a very long time. She hung it as a tribute to her relative that made it. Was a beautiful display of craftsmanship and one of her daughters was finally big enough to wear it. Needless to say ithas come down is is being worn and danced in again.

    I just couldn't imagine displaying my families clothes in that manner, but that's just me. Good luck to you in finding the solution you are comfortable with.


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