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Would anyone like to help me with this?

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  • Would anyone like to help me with this?

    I would like to make a native dancing outfits for the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN. It would be a donation for them for their museum, one male outfit and one female one. I work at the Center and am studying Wolf Ecology. But the problem is that I need help getting supplies since I don't own a gun or a bow to hunt and I'm a poor college student. If I got the supplies, I would do the work. I need the following:

    2 wolf hides
    12 buckskin hides
    4 rabbit hides

    I have some beads, feathers, and sinews but I used up most of it making a dress for my grandma for her funeral. She wasn't full native and didn't have any native clothes, but her dying wish was to be buried in a native dress. So some friends and I spent a lot of time making the dress so that it would be done on time for the funeral (we had only a couple weeks).

    I would appreciate any help that can be offered. Thanks.

    --Shadow Wolf

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