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    Friends, I went to<> as suggested and apparently this is correct.

    Republican or Democrat, you will appreciate this email.

    I have been informed by an Obama supporter, that if one votes straight Dem. or Rep. ticket at the polls, before you have voted for the President, you're vote for President will not be counted. If you go to, you will see that this is true and it tells you that it's a good idea to vote for each candidate individually, in any case.
    I'm happy to get this info and want to pass it along, since it's already circulating among Obama supporters.
    We need all our Republican votes to count, so I owe a debt of gratitude to the Democrat who"mistakingly" sent the email my way. Thanks!
    Even if you know this, others may not, so please pass it on! I think everyone's vote should count, but once, only! (Ha!)
    Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.

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    Yeah really,
    Johnny Boy need all the votes he can steal, even illegal ones
    The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity
    Albert Einstein


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      where you at??

      I'm curious if the vote were today who'd be Prez tommorow??

      Who would your choice for a write in be?

      The decision we make will affect our family histories for the next 4 years, and more likely 8 or beyond. This election will be history making, that happened when they dealt us the canidates.

      I'm personally leaning towards JD and Stillrez'n... don't know which one wants "top" but I think they'll do a fine job.
      remember you are tommorow's elders


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        since I asked of you..... I'll share my own thoughts... I lean towards Obama primarily because I don't want to have to listen and watch McCain for four fricken years.. he strikes me as a politician's politician. I am NOTtotally comfortable with my choice but feel it's the lesser of the two.
        As for my write in ticket : Robert Redford & Dennis Banks, I think both of these men stand "straight up" or as straight as their old bones will let them :)
        remember you are tommorow's elders


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