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  • Halloween on the Rez

    What are you guys having for the kids for Halloween in your community?

    Da Powwow Sweetie, Okwataga and I are sitting up a booth at the annual SAFE Kids Trick or Treat Night. Should be fun. They usually draw 1-2 thousand kids from the rez and surrounding communities. Our theme is "Dead Prom"...gonna be hilarious ...wait, I mean...spooky

    Not much going on tomorrow for actual Halloween night because it's football night!!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!
    I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry

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    Wow! That is a lot of kids....they should enjoy that. I especially like the Dead Prom idea. Have fun, and I am sure everyone will be safe.
    I'm taking my kids trick or treating at our local museum. It should be fun.


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      Well, we don't live on a rez, but in our area, downtown in the place to be on Halloween (tonight). the main street businesses all give out candy and there are hundreds and hundreds of families and kids there walking up and down the street. It's safe and its alot of fun. We take the wagon with the girls and just stroll up and down the street....slowly because the sidewalks are PACKED!!!! We could only go one whole block and their little pumpkins will be full of candy.


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        The event was awesome!! There had to be well over 2,000 kids was PACKED!!!

        Good year I think we're going to try to do an AREA 51 theme :)
        I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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