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  • Native High School Star Atheletes

    Who in your area is a top athelete. No matter the sport, whether its football, basketball, baseball, fastptich, cross country, track, volleyball or golf; native athletes almost always managed to stand out.

    All of my kids have been good atheletes and I enjoy to talk/brag about them.

    Who do you know that rocks? Time to brag them up.

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    There is a girl named Ashley Brokeshoulder from Shawnee OK. She help lead the Shawnee Wolves fastptich team to state runner up. She is a has been a dominate pitched since she was about 8 years old. I was fortunate enough to have her play for a team i coached back in 2000. Her parents have been very dedicated to helping her improve her skills over the years, countless hours of pitching lessons and hundreds of games played.

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      OK, I'll be the first to BRAG about my own! LOL

      As an eighth grader she played varsity basketball & ran varsity track.....helped lead her track team to state in two relays!! She's so good at running...she was probably the #1 sprinter on her team that year & the top middle distant runner too...the coach put her in every relay from the 4X100 to the 2mile relay.

      That was two years ago.

      Can ya tell I'm a proud mama! :D

      Go 'head...i know you wanna brag about yours too!!!!


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        There's a young Yakama dude who lives around southern Washington ... Washougal/Vancouver area I think ... Koda Wataka I think is the name he goes by, just going into 9th grade as far as I know and he's a martial arts champion.
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