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Best and Worst Halloween candy/items

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  • Best and Worst Halloween candy/items

    So what is the best and worst Halloween candy/items you ever received?

    1. Those wax things with the liquid inside....yuck
    2. Pennies.....LOL
    3. The bad jelly bellies....
    4. Black Licorice....sorry don't like zhinii's..hahaha

    1. addicted to those
    2. Dots, those too
    3. Red Licorice
    4. Fresh popcorn balls....mmmm but not week old..LOL
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    1. toosie rolls
    2. smarties
    3. taffy (NOT laffy taffy, cuz laffy taffy rocks)
    4. hard candy
    5. dum dum suckers
    6. babe ruth
    7. plain m&ms
    8. Candy corn

    LOL, maybe just cuz i hate those candies... i mean... really dislike. *shrugs*

    1. nerds
    2. laffy taffy
    3. sour patch kids
    4. a whole bag of candy cuz we were the only trick or treaters to stop by that house.. lol lucky us... we decided last minute to hit this block and it was old people and they were ALL like "you are our first and last trick or treaters!" yay us.
    5. snickers


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      I just bought some candy called "Zit Poppers" I know they sound gross but the kids will probably really like it cuz the names so sick.....


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          The dots in the yellow box suck. I usually end up picking all ours out before we leave housing, and dumping them in some other kids bag. Yeah, I'm mean. And those chocolate malt balls. Ew.

          big winner with my kids are gum, starburst, and candy bars.


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            Originally posted by Luzenza View Post
            The dots in the yellow box suck. I usually end up picking all ours out before we leave housing, and dumping them in some other kids bag. Yeah, I'm mean. And those chocolate malt balls. Ew.

            big winner with my kids are gum, starburst, and candy bars.
            oh yeah! starburst, forgot. but... not the yellow or orange ones... or red... lol just the pink ones?


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              Best: Reece Pnut butter cup and Cofee Crisps

              Worst: Halloween Kisses(black n orange wrappers) and plain plastic wrapped suckers


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                here's my babies costume i made this morning. he's sleepin right now or i'd try it on him.

                sorry this is not about the candy but its halloween....
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                    Da worst:

                    Stale popcorn balls
                    Homemade stale popcorn balls
                    Mary Janes (is that what they were called)
                    Bit o honeys
                    Black and Orange peanut butter things
                    Anything marshmallow

                    Da bomb:

                    Nestle crunch
                    Milky way
                    Three musketeer
                    The big Sweet Tarts
                    I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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                      I like the orange and black wrapped peanut butter bits....LOL
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