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  • so many cherokee

    i was lookin at celeb's with native ancestry,wow every one' cherokee. THEY ARE THE PLAYA PLAYER'S of allthe tribes, i wonder does it translate to good lover people . just why do you think people say that's what they are?
    who's been a bad kitty kitty! bring on the katnip

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    This has been discussed many times before

    It still is a puzzle why so many claim this one tribe
    We are renown for our ablity to spread our seed everwhere we go. So that is one factor

    Then there is these large numbers of lost cherokees that never made it out of Missouri
    Well I have been to Missouri many times and its not that hard to navagate out of the state. LOL

    Its everwhere
    We have Jeeps named after us

    At one time we had the territory larger than many countries and an estimated population of 1/2 million at the time of first contact.

    So its no wonder that so many "claim" heritage
    But have no real understanding what that actually means
    This too will die out

    Especially when nowdays that background information is so easy to check on....
    If you go back to the most famous that have claimed Cherokee Heritage you will discover they are no longer making an active claim

    The stakes have been raised to a high level, All three Federally Recognized tribes are seeking various methods to deny these people the ablity to make false claims to this heritage
    Especially those that make money through books,crafts and various other ways!!!!

    The days of the great great great grandmother cherokee princess are numbered!

    Why do people think there were Princesses in the first place!!!!
    We never had royalty in the first place EVER!!!

    Stepping off my soap box now
    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!


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      It's the lover syndrome!!! Cherokee's got it going on!!!


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