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    The Longest Walk 2 - Group marches for Native American rights

    Group marches for Native American rights
    written by: Dan Weaver , Reporter/Photojournalist
    Link to Original:

    DENVER - A dedicated group of Native Americans has already walked a long way, but members of The Longest Walk 2 have thousands more miles to go before this summer.

    The group is walking from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. for Native American rights.

    "Today we still struggle for religious rights, the respect for our sacred sites," said organizer Jimbo Simmons.

    The group is especially concerned about mining companies that might destroy sacred Native American sites including burial grounds.

    "Many of our sacred areas are under threat of development," said Simmons.

    Another motivation behind the walk is to push for environmental conservation and care.

    "We walk in protection of the sacred Mother Earth, where today the environment is under attack," said Simmons.

    The walkers are following the route of the first Longest Walk, which headed to Washington in 1978. That group achieved several of their political goals.

    On Monday, they march to Colorado's statehouse, then it's back on the road heading to Washington. They plan to complete the 3,600 miles on July 11, 2008.

    Visit The Longest Walk 2 for more information on the organization.

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    In the spirit of Crazy Horse...

    sometimes you have to live life as if what everyone else thinks does not matter, but is still a factor...
    that even though you think you are so lost, you may be found...
    no matter what comes in your life, it will be over come...
    and that the real reason that you live is for love, and finding inner peace...
    live free for what its worth an never let life hold you back from living
    One person can make a difference----lets all of us give it a try.--- john f. Kennedy

    other places u can find me...



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