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Finally - Message from the Seneca Nation

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  • Finally - Message from the Seneca Nation

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Todd M. Waite
    To: [email protected]; Eagle John
    Cc: Jeanne Patterson ; Leann Bennett ; Debbie Cooper ; Becky Bowen ; Kathy Mitchell
    Sent: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 12:57 pm
    Subject: RE: Tom Netz information

    Nya Weh Skano:

    Mr. Tom Netz is not an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians. There is no such thing as a certified teacher of the “Seneca Wolf Clan”. Mr. Netz is not a member of the Wolf Clan of the Seneca Nation of Indians, we are matrilineal and you may only receive a clan through your enrolled Seneca Mother. Mr. Netz is not authorized nor recognized by any entity, division or department of the Seneca Nation of Indians to speak or teach our culture, language or traditional ways. I trust that this answers your question regarding the legitimacy of Mr. Netz and his claims.

    Twila Nitch was an enrolled Seneca, however our Seneca Nation of Indians, Tribal Council passed a resolution condemning her and her teachings as not indicative of Seneca Culture many years ago. My understanding is that she offered her own unique teachings, a combination of crystals, mysticism and such with a spin of Native philosophy. She offered her classes and certifications for sale to anyone who was willing to ante up her required fee. She essentially operated a “Wannabe Training Program” that many were naive enough to pay for thinking that it somehow made them “Indian”.

    Todd Michel Waite, Director
    Seneca Nation of Indians
    Department of Education
    3645 Administration Drive
    Salamanca, NY 14779
    Telephone: 716-945-1790 ext. 3101
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    Too all:
    Regardless of what you do or don't think of Tom Netz please read that previous post good and hard. I am sure that the Seneca Nation would not give such information and contact if it was not true!!!! Also please see this link below as it is Tom Netz's claims as I inquried when I first saw it and they assured that it was Tom's own words that he is all that Seneca stuff that is listed!

    Here is the link: - OCA 2008 October Photo Archive

    If you can't open it, here it is again:
    As we continued with last year's very successful theme, "My Story", we focused next upon the story of Tom Soft Shell Turtle (Netz) who is of Native American and European decent. Tom now lives in Toledo and is a frequent speaker and active in Indian affairs. As a traditions keeper, Tom is an inspiration, and source of knowledge for those Native American families who seek for the lost teachings and art forms of their ancestral past. Through spiritual healing, plant medicine healing, and walking a good pathway of peace, Tom is able to bring a balance through teachings to those people who look for a oneness between Creator and Earth Mother. Tom Soft Shell Turtle Netz is an authority on Ohio and Great Lakes Region Indians, and the only certified teacher of the Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge in the state of Ohio. For over a decade, Tom has presented educational and traditional storytelling and other programs to audiences of all ages at various historic sites and museums through out the United States and Canada. He provided the cultural enrichment by way of native drum, flute and voice.

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