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    Originally posted by kiyaanii mom View Post
    That's rough, guess it's hard to argue your way out of the ticket if they have a picture....
    yah...too bad we can't use the "I had to sneeze" excuse. *LOL*
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      Originally posted by 50cal View Post
      I am not all my travels, I've seen many things exit a cooch...LOL!!!!....and I paid to see it too......LMAO!!!! don't drink tequila in Thailand......
      omg, man you ain't right .hahahahahaha. is that tequila or maybe pee. definetly not don julio.
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        Originally posted by chazziff View Post
        a slim celly is better than a big huge celly from the 80's with a bag battery or a blackberry i guess
        wait ,put it on vibrate first. evil laugh mohahahah
        who's been a bad kitty kitty! bring on the katnip


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          My crazy sister!

          Ive only been pulled over once in my life and it was because I was driving my friends car and she had a ticket she hadnt paid but since I was driving the cop couldnt do anything but believe me I am no angel I just get lucky I guess cause Ive definitely done my fair share of speeding it once took me 2 hours to get from Orlando to West Palm.

          But my sister on the other hand shes been pulled over god knows how many time had her license revoked and all kind of craziness. I remember her telling me she had no license and when I asked what happend her response was "They finally caught me" lol. She has some funny stories about her dare devil driving but my favorite one is from when she was living out in Sylva, North Carolina.

          One Day she was speeding along in my grandmas little old silver Kia Sephia and she had just moved to North Carolina she was only about 20 at the time and definitely reckless so when those flashing light came up behind her, her first reaction was not I have to pull over it was I can make it! In Florida if your being chased by a pembroke pines cop and you cross into hollywood the pembroke pines cops cant follow you anymore they have to call it in to the hollywood police department. So growing up in Florida my poor sister didnt realize that it didnt matter what city she was in that Cherokee Cop was going to stay on her, but she finally figured in out after a 10 min chase ended with a blockade of about 3 other cop cars. Now my sister has also been a quick thinker so she opens up her ash tray dips her fingers in and bats her eyes with ash to look like shes been crying. And when the cop comes to her window and says girl are you out of your mind?! She replies "I thought you were a stalker!" and starts whaling uncontrollably Lmao and because their had been a guy who put fake cop lights in his car to pull people over and harm them they believed her lucky butt and let her go home. I cried laughing when she called my up and told me that story my sister may have been a reckless driver at one time but she was good enough at it to out run a cop in a kia sephia lol


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            I got pulled over by a Highway patrol less than 1/2 a mile from my freakin turnpike exit. *L* When he came up he asked me why I was going 84mph. I said "are you serious??? really??? I didn't even think this little piece could get up that fast!" He cracked up and let me go. Ahhh....the good old days.

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              I never talked my way out of a ticket...but I have talked my way IN to a ticket.

              Got pulled over once for not making a complete stop ( which I did! ), the cop followed me for quite a while and finally popped me when I got into my drive way, hit the lights the siren and all, my kids are in the front looking at this like "what did dad do now?" when the cop asked if I knew why he pulled me over, I said "all the f%&kin' donut shops closed?"....he wasnt amused....


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                Yeah...I do the crying thing......for the most part it works, but not all the
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                  Man...krazi..sheeeiittt !!! *sitting here laffing out loud*

                  When I was 15yrs old, my brotherz had to take me to a PW, cuz my dad was on 'vacation' with his new GF. They didnt want too, but they had too!! Well, after being neglected all weekend and still having $5bux left over from that big $20 I was given, Sunday arrives & my brotherz are waiting around 2 c if they won. I kept telling them, "U guyz aint winnin' sh.t..." They knew and I knew it!! They only wanted to stay around cuz they snagged sum cree-females from canada. NEWAYZZ after all da winners were announced they wanted to go feed their wimmenz...So, we ended up leaving Cali around 10pm or so. I was in da back seat, started feeling drowsy and guess I fell asleep. I guess one of my brotherz put alotta blankets on me...Well, what woke me up was I thought I heard one of my dumb brotherz, saying, "But officer, we didnt do anything.." I got up slowly and cud see all kinda flashing/bright lights. Next thing I know a cop has a gun pointed at me, hollering at me...when i get outta da car. LOL!! I see all my brotherz face down on the oldest brother sayz, "Dont u say a flunkin word!" I was still groggy, looking around, rubbing my eyes-wondering where I was. I got sat next to my older brother, I look to my left, then to my right - finally figured out that we were parked in the freeway median in Cali !! I guess one of my brothers started gettn sleepy and just pulled in da median and zonked one bothered to check where we were...Everyone all ZZZzzzz! LMPAO!! Truck got impounded, my brothers all got to take breatherlizerz over and over, I got to sit in an office, eating chips and drinkin pop all nite.

                  Finally one of my brother's said sumthing like Why dont u just go and buy us sum flunkn beer and lets be done with it. Guess da cop said Oh WE know u Ndnz used sumthin to get rid of dat beer in yur blood and on yur breath. My older brother spent 30 days in cali jail, he Bruce Lee'd dat cop...but all charges were dropped cuz they cudnt prove they had been drinking... Boy, my dad sure was pizzed-off when he got dat call and had to come to cali to bail out the truck and my brotherz...ha!! ha!! Still laff about it to dizz day!! *gee i dont travel with them nowadayz, cuz they just bring trouble around*

                  Is there a Thread About Ugly Snagz, cuz I got Funny 1 about my younger brother...and his COYOTE UGLY...ha!! ha!!


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