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    Warrior Woman has fully awoken!
    This woman has been kind, gentle and has much love, all of this has been given with the blessing of the Great Spirit above, But Great Spirit gave her something else and she didn't know it. The Great Spirit gave her the blessing of being a warriorwoman as now her light is lit!
    This warriorwoman has come fully alive today, She is no longer anyone's slave or prey, She is taking back her life today, And those who know who she truly is can stay.
    No longer will she live the lives of others. She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others where it belongs, For she also has the bear and wolf inside her, Which is now so very powerful and uniquely strong.
    The warriorwoman now knows what road she must follow, For others it will be to hard to swallow, Her life was taken from her unknowingly many years ago, And this warriorwoman is taking back her life before the next winds blow.
    Oh Sister Moon, you give me the strength as a warriorwoman to conquer what's on my path, High above and way beneath, and the much needed strength to take on the wrath.
    This warriorwoman is fully awaken, and is taking a stand, Taking the problems by the horns with my hand, I will conquer that is all there, All and who comes as they dare.
    Warriorwoman has fully awaken, and many will see that they have mistaken of robbing her of her life, they as a thief, warriowoman will conquer! And have no grief!
    This warriorwoman will protect her people, her son and those who need her. If anyone hurts, her loved ones, look out! They will hear a GGGGGGGGRRRRRR, as they run and shout!
    This warriorwoman is taking back her life, Taking back the respect that was taken from her throughout the years ever so slow, This warriorwoman is removing pain and hurt from within the heart caused by the knife, from all those who are both family and foe.
    I am claiming what's mine, and my dignity, from those who live in this society of vanity. I am claiming back in full my heritage, and as a warriorwoman I am going to clean up many years of carnage.
    For now standing in front of you, you see this warriorwoman, you see me. Someone special has taught me to be free. From this day forward for me, no more slavery.Gentleness, kindness and love is part of me, and so is my dignity. This is not weakness, as others believe, but this strength is within me and you.
    I will listen to the spirits and grow. I will travel in the whispering winds as they blow, All the work I know do will be for Our People and all nations. I will protect and guide the future generations.
    Now it is time for me to travel on my new path. As a warriorwoman conquering all wrath..If you ever see and want to meet me, Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free....AHO...All My Relations!

    I borrowed this from a friend... she emailed it to me a few weeks ago.... I think that it's a very good thing for us women to think on and to put into action and teach our daughters....
    Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

    Life should not be measured by the number of things that we aquire on our journey but by the number of lives that we touch along that road.

    I am a bridge on the red path between my ancestors and the future. I am a bridge between my white heritage and my native heritage. A bridge joins two sides together and provides a way to move on..... A.K. O'Pry-Reynolds

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    i thank you for bring this
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..It's about learning to dance in the rain. for me and the wolf


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