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Are you a real NDN?? Let's find out!

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  • Are you a real NDN?? Let's find out!

    Skindian Test..... Can you pass this test?

    The term 'Buzzed-up' refers to:

    1. Being let into a second-story building by
    having the door buzzed open.
    2. Being called on the telephone.
    3. Becoming suddenly ready to sing at the drum during a
    ‘49'(even though you can’t sing).

    The term 'Snag' refers to:

    1. A pull in your clothes from getting them caught
    on something.
    2. A piece of wood in a creek that puts a hole in your canoe.
    3. A one-night stand.

    The term '49' refers to:

    1. A position like '69'.
    2. A latitudinal meridian of North America .
    3. A NDN get-together.

    The term Squeeze refers to:

    1. What you do to a sponge.
    2. Extorting money from someone
    3. The current object of your affections

    The critical thing to know before a '49' is:

    1. Location
    2. Who has the drum.
    3. The location of the nearest all-night convenience store to the '49'.
    4. All of the above.

    The critical thing to know immediately after a '49' is:

    1. Who has your car keys.
    2. Who has your car.
    3. Where you are.
    4. All of the above.

    The refrain of every '49' song is:

    1. '(number) of bottles of beer on the wall'
    2. 'There's a tear in my beer'
    3. 'Heyaya heyaya yo hey!'

    The term 'Commodities' refers to:

    1. Items on the stock exchange
    2. A contraction of the term 'come-oddities'
    3. The wonderful, delicious assortment of dried, greasy, canned foods on the rez stacked in old cars.

    The term 'Indian Car' refers to:

    1. The latest model of the Jeep Cherokee.
    2. A government car that has 'Bureau of Indian Affairs' on the doors.
    3. Anything on four wheels that will take you and your relatives to town.

    The term 'Indian Time' refers to:

    1. Being on time.
    2. Being 25 minutes early.
    3. Being 30 minutes to 1 hr late.

    The term 'Fancy Dance Contest' refers to :

    1. Doing the Macarena, competitively, at a high school prom.
    2. A black-tie evening competitive-tango gala
    3. Something only someone under the age of 20,in good physical shape, and still hyperactive attempts at a Pow-wow.

    The term 'Traditional dance contest' refers to:

    1. A Square Dance Competition
    2. A sedate Waltz Competition.
    3. Something only someone over the age of 20, who knows better, and is no longer in good shape, and no longer hyperactive attempts at a Pow-wow.
    I'm innocent I tell ya!!!

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    That was hilarious...good one!
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.


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      The last 2 were hilarious.


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        gosh I must be a real ndn......
        Thankful for the blessing from the Creator in my life!!!!

        Life should not be measured by the number of things that we aquire on our journey but by the number of lives that we touch along that road.

        I am a bridge on the red path between my ancestors and the future. I am a bridge between my white heritage and my native heritage. A bridge joins two sides together and provides a way to move on..... A.K. O'Pry-Reynolds


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