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  • Jibby takes to the sky...

    Ok fellow pws.commers. I am taking off to DC this Friday. Will be gone till the 21st. Please behave while I am gone. I will be doing searches on troublemakers when I get back!

    Here's the reason for my thread: this is my first time flying. I am scared as f***. If I die due to any of the following:

    - Terrorist attacks

    - Autopilot malfunction

    - First Officer overextends the rudders

    - Wing clips the water/runway

    - Suffocate in bathroom while trying to become a member of the Mile High Club

    - Drink too much and think it will be funny to see if my shawl can be used as a parachute

    I want to leave all my powwow points to my beloved Miss Go. But you have to share with Kool Breeze!:Yell

    I want to leave my Inbox full of sexually explicit PM's to Traci cuz I know she will enjoy them ;)

    I DON'T want to leave my collection of previously used avatars to kneegrow cuz he will distort them and tarnish my memory on this site. So they will go to NAPEW. Cuz we tight like that.

    I want to leave full use of all my jokes to Speedy™, cuz he is lacking in the funny department. :Chatter

    I want to leave all my cyber snags to Buckskin Pantyhose, I am sure she will put them to good use...or use them good, whatever the case may be

    And last but not least, I want to leave my cyber XXL floral granny gotchies to The Rat. Just because.
    Got percap?

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    *thinks* I'm not on that list!:34:


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      *remembers that I forgot some people*

      Singing Eagle gets the title of "Head Wannabe Basher". Which includes a cyber whip and shackles.
      Got percap?


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        Originally posted by Singing Eagle
        *thinks* I'm not on that list!:34:
        Also thinking, the same as SE :Thinking Hey what about me? :(


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          ***Edited for explicit content***


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            *snf snf*

            ...and me too!!!



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              Me too! jks:p

              Just wanted to say that you should make a list of all the GOOD things about flying.

              -Gonna save you hours on the road

              -Chance to steal an airplane pillow

              -Free soda

              -ask the attendant for a wing pin

              -Strip searching

              -Just getting to BE a member of the Mile High Club

              and NOBODY"S gonna dare highjack that plane with YOU aboard.:Chatter
     is what it is...


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                Originally posted by Jibby™
                *remembers that I forgot some people*

                Singing Eagle gets the title of "Head Wannabe Basher". Which includes a cyber whip and shackles.
                Can I be assistant? :D


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                  Originally posted by ojibway_jingle
                  Can I be assistant? :D
                  Yeah me too! I want a cyber whip, me too me too!!


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                    Are you leavin dat hat here, jibz? I might meet someone who don't know about my third


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                      Alright! More smut for me! :D You know how to share the luv, girlfriend.

                      You look pretty fit, which is a good thing, 'cause those damn bathrooms are SMALL as hell. You'd better limber up before you get on the plane. I'm not joking!
                      Last edited by traci_m; 09-10-2003, 02:27 PM.


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                        No fair Jibby forgot alot of us :p :Cry
                        *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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                          But what if it is because of a problem with the jack screw?
                          "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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                            Hey - Jibby - you feeling like you just got elected to council and we're all your "Cuzins"!!!!

                            Wow talk about no sympathy for the frightened first time mile-higher - nope just circling overhead trying to get anything outta ya!

                            My advice to calm nerves - have some before you fly then nap all the way!:Naughty


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                              Jack screw. . .:Naughty


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