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The CKRW "YOU Come HERE For A Change" Contest

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  • The CKRW "YOU Come HERE For A Change" Contest

    The CKRW "YOU Come HERE For A Change" Contest

    It's another fantastic contest on CKRW, but this one's a little different. Instead of sending listeners down South, we're giving you a chance to bring your friends or family up to the Yukon for Thanksgiving weekend.

    Listen live for your chance to call or

    Send Us an E-mail!

    Give us the Names and Contact Information of the people you'd love to see for Thanksgiving.

    As well, tell us Your Name and Contact Information.

    Then, double your chances by telling those same friends to log on and qualify as well.

    Prize pack includes:
    - trip for two on Air North from Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton
    - room for two at the Airport Chalet
    - weekend car rental from Norcan
    - canoe excursion with Up North Adventures

    All entries must be in by 5:00 Wednesday, September 24, 2003. Name of person accompanying winner must be supplied to CKRW by Friday, September 26. Minors may win, but must be accompanied by an adult.

    Prize pack includes two return tickets with Air North from winner's choice of Vancouver (departing October 9), Edmonton or Calgary (departing October 10) and returning October 13, one hotel room at the Airport Chalet for the nights spent in Whitehorse, canoe trip with Up North Adventures, and one Norcan car rental October 9 to 13.

    All taxes to be covered by contest winner. Airline tickets won are non-transferable and are for dates specified only. Winner is responsible for any costs associated with the hotel room (long distance calls, room service, damage, etc.) other than the basic nightly charge. Winner must be 21 years of age, hold a valid driver's license, credit card, and must be self-insured prior to picking up rental car. Winner and all persons participating in the canoe trip must adhere to the standard rules of safety set out by Up North Adventures. Gas, food, drinks, and other expenses to be supplied and arranged by winner.

    Contest is closed to employees of Klondike Broadcasting Company and Air North, and their immediate family members. Other employees of the Hougen Group of Companies are permitted to play, but are subject to all the above rules.

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    By the way, I qualified for this one, I chose to get my grandma from Prince Albert Sask, up here!:D That and if you want to come here, just say that you know me, and such, and see ya laters!:Wave This would be a great way to hook up with some people from


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